Intolerant or Discriminatory Content

At Playa Games, we welcome diversity in terms of ancestry, ethnicity, skin color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities, and national origin. We do not tolerate discriminatory behavior towards members of our community.

Sexual Content or Content With Exaggerated Depiction of Violence

Content of the age recommendation of the product must be appropriate. Avoid sexual content and content with exaggerated depictions of violence if such content does not meet the age recommendation.

Illegal Activities

We do not allow content that depicts or promotes illegal activities. This includes, but is not limited to, harassment, bullying, assault, unauthorized collection and disclosure of personal information ("doxing"), feigning an emergency ("swatting"), gambling, illegal drugs, animal cruelty, fraud, hacking, and piracy. Content that condones or even propagates violence against others has no place here.

Cheating and Deceptive Practices

Do not take advantage of other players. Creating fraudulent or misleading content for the purpose of obtaining account information or money from players will result in removal from content programs or more severe penalties.

Content That Infringes Copyright or Is Used Without Consent

Do not share content that you did not create or receive permission to use from the owner. Give credit to the creator when sharing or reposting content from other creators.