DO NOT FORGET! No matter when (and where) you are going to promote or advocate the Creator-Support program or share your creator code or link the relation to Playa Games must be disclosed in a clearly visible way.

The disclosure must be clear:

To ensure the the disclosure is clear it must containt one of the following wordings:

  • #Sponsored
  • #S&FSupporter
  • #S&FPartner

The disclosure must be clearly visible:

To ensure that a disclosure is clearly visible, the previous mentioned wordings must appear as follows:

  • In a place which can be seen by the customers without the need to click, scroll or to search for it. This can be different on each platform, e.g.:
  • Social media posts: Within the first text lines (if displayed on desktop).
  • Social media stories or framed content: Text needs to overlay in each frame of a picture/video and needs to be visible during the whole length of a story (namely sufficient font size, rich in contrast, separated from other texts and ideally with a single color backgroundd).
  • Written or editorial content like blog posts: Next to the title or in another prominent place within the content and in a font size which has at least the same size like the main content.
  • Videos and Live-Streams: Within the video/stream and in the video or stream description.
  • In each post or content which will be shared, not only in your profile or bio.
  • As first hashtag within a list of hashtags (it is not allowed to place the hashtag anywhere else).
  • In addition to a platform specific tool. Tools provided by Facebook, Instagram and so on may not fulfill these requirements.