Update to v14.100.221027.1 (same version), November 30, 2022

Fixed bugs

  • Scrapbook: fixed a bug that sometimes stickers were not added to scrapbook

Update to v14.100.221027.1 (same version), November 28, 2022

Fixed bugs

  • General: fixed a rare bug that several game function did not reset at midnight

Update to v14.100.221027.1 (same version), November 23, 2022

Fixed bugs

  • Character: fixed a rare bug that the items of companions became invisible and did not add bonuses

Update to v14.100.221027.1 (same version), November 3, 2022
Fixed bugs
  • Scrapbook
    • "Shroomer" achievement did not always unlock
    • "Dark Ghost Hunter" achievement did not unlock after clearing the "House of Horrors" dungeon in Shadow world
  • Dungeon
    • The new dungeons no longer incorrectly unlock at 16 o' clock server or local time, but as announced at 16 CET
    • The enemies in the "House of Horrors" dungeon have the correct elemental damage and resistances now
  • Hall of Fame: fixed the display of scrapbooks of other players
Update to v14.100.221027.1, October 27, 2022
Fixed bugs
  • Scrapbook will be visible in portrait mode on mobile apps again
  • Mushroom Dealer: level restrictions will be displayed on starter packs again
  • Pets: tooltip for requirements to find pets when specific dungeons
    have been completed will be adjusted to the new dungeon numbers
  • To do list: Clicking on Demon's Portal  takes you to Demon's Portal again
  • Quest reward screen: item context menu at reward screen works again (in case you found an item on a quest)
  • Dungeons: "Pyramids of Madness" monster on floor 10 will no longer display the player’s level
  • Scrapbook: unlocking enemy pictures of the new dungeon in the scrapbook is no longer mixed up                                        
CHANGELOG 14.1, October 25, 2022
Client v14.100.221024.1, game world v1986
New features
  • General: introduction of new support system for the English version (global version will follow later)
  • "Gluttony" theme for Hellevator (18. - 27. Nov. 2022)
  • Character: expanded display of information when certain game
    functions are unlocked (with dungeon keys, mannequin, magic mirror
    shards etc.)
  • Dungeon
    • 5 new dungeons both in Light and Shadow World including 10 achievements (to be released every Friday)​
    • Reworked dungeon view (map, enemies, requirements)
    • Display on which floor you can win a guaranteed epic
    • Final boss of every dungeon rewards you with an epic now

  • Scrapbook: Lucky Coins found on quests during Lucky Day event now count towards "Square Eyes" achievement
  • Character
    • Druid rebalanced again (fixed armor calculation fixed and reworked certain values)
    • Certain items (e.g. dungeon keys, pet eggs, magic mirror shards) are
      no longer stored in the inventory, but displayed at the respective game
  • Options: added info text to SSO game characters that you will lose
    access to account when disconnecting from service and no password has
    been set in advance

Fixed bugs
  • Scrapbook
    • "St. Nicholas" achievement is correctly unlocked now if no shoes are equipped when day changes from December 5 to 6
    • "Dragon Rider" achievement is correctly unlocked now if 50% mount is acquired from mushroom pack
  • Mushroom dealer
    • Under certain circumstances, event packs (e.g. Summer sale packs) were displayed outside of event period
    • Certain mushroom packs were not displayed for certain payment
      methods. Now a note hints with what payment methods they can be bought
    • Vouchers of influencers could not be entered if game world was loaded before 16 CET
    • [Steam] Buying mushrooms for certain currencies was not possible
  • Chat: "j" letter was too far left
  • Character
    • Character descriptions were faulty when starting with a space
    • The items of Bards could switch to wrong attributes when equipped by companions
    • Equipping Bert with weapon sometimes changed strength attribute to dexterity
    • With a trick you could equip companions with off-class weapons
    • Expired potions of inactive characters were hidden visually, but still counted towards values
  • Tavern: in certain circumstances epics were not generated during Epic Quest Extravaganza event
  • Guild
    • Sometimes guild finder did not work if guild name contained certain special characters
    • You could attack other guilds and leave the guild so the attacked guild automatically won and gained honor
  • Fortress: "Train units" animation stopped after first trained unit
  • Underworld: buildings could have a higher level than main building
  • Hall of Fame: [app] "Compare character" function (scales icon) could cause a crash
  • Options: validation email now displays correct number of mushrooms during preregister phase
Update to v14.000.220922.1, September 23, 2022
  • Character: added changes from world v1985 to client

Update to world v1985, September 22, 2022

  • Character: rebalanced the Druid's formulas

Fixed bugs
  • Guild: Order in fights is now based on level again and not on position in guild (fix deployed on September 26).​
CHANGELOG 14.0, September 20, 2022

New features
  • Legendary Dungeon
    • New "Diabolical Company Party" version
    • Added three new Legendary items
    • New enemies and sounds
  • General: introduction of a new support system (only in German at the moment; will be translated later)
  • Character
    • General: reworked tool tips for each individual character class (e.g. damage and armor calculations, the Bard's instruments etc.)
    • Druid: extensive rework of the character class with new calculation formulas, functions, graphics, animations of the elemental damage etc.
  • Tavern: The button to skip a quest by watching an ad is now disabled some seconds before the quest is completed.

Fixed bugs
  • General: fixed the display of the "Ď" character in Czech
  • Legendary Dungeon: fixed a new backend bug that information on active blessings and curses was not displayed when active
  • Character: info text of certain belts no longer exceeds screen on the right
  • Arena Manager: If you only had money for one upgrade of a building, you could use the "Max" setting of the button to buy two upgrades if applicable.
  • Witch: Items without a sales value no longer sparkle during the Witches' Dance event.
  • Pets: added missing locations to some languages
  • Dungeon: You fight against your mirror image instead of a different player in dungeon 9, floor 10 now
  • Guild: Notes were not updated correctly when skipping a fight if you jumped to a Bard that still had remaining notes from a previous fight. This resulted in incorrect animations.
  • Hall of Fame
    • In some circumstances, searching for a name with special characters did not yield a result.
    • In some circumstances, searching for a name with a space before or after the name did not yield a result.
    • The display of the "(...)" should be fixed now.
    • Sorting the Hall of Fame was sporadically jumbled when manually luring a player into the Underworld.