The guild raid button allows guild leaders or officers to start a guild raid while the guild leader needs to have at least level 50. Otherwise, guild raids are not available.

The cost of such an attack is paid by the player that starts the raid.

Once a guild fight has been started, no guild raid can be started.

If the guild leader changes after the guild raid has been started and the new leader is below level 50, no one can join the guild raid. For the duration of the raid, it is mandatory that the guild leader is level 50 or higher in order to get fellow guild members to take part in the raid.

Similar to guild fights only those that have been a member of the guild for more than 24 hours and actively sign up to participate in the raid will take part in it.

Procedure of guild raids

The guild raids start automatically at the specified time - 10 hours after the raid has been announced.

All members of the own guild that take part will fight one after the other in order of their levels.

Winning guild raids

When winning a guild raid, each player that participated will receive XP for their character.

In addition, the first 50 raids add a +2% gold and XP bonus each.

If you fail a guild raid, you have another chance to fight the enemy again. However, you do not get the gold back you paid for an attempt.

In the guild raids 51 to 150, the attributes of the guild fighters are automatically reduced (debuff) so that the numerical values do not "break the scale". The exception is the luck value of all players.

If you have already won a raid level with your character and join another guild, you will not receive XP for the same level again.

New guild members will automatically receive missing guild raid opponent pictures in the scrapbook after 21 days of guild membership.