Guild war means that one guild declares war on another.

After a preparation phase of 10 hours during which guild members can get ready for attack or defense, the battle takes place.

Each round, one attacker fights against one member of the opposing guild. The order depends on the level of the members. The higher the level, the later the fight.

The winner of a round fights the next opponent with their remaining hit points. This is repeated until a guild can't send any more fighters into battle.

When watching the guild fight, you can "skip" the fights before it is your character's turn. The complete fight sequence can be skipped as well and the final result of the battle will be displayed directly.

After the guild war, the guild needs 90 minutes of rest. Only after these 90 minutes can war be declared on another guild again.

Guild attack

Guild attack

The attack icon can be used by the guild leader or officer to start an attack at any time, unless there has been a guild fight within the last 90 minutes.

For the rest of the members, this icon can be only clicked to get ready for battle after an attack has been started. The time of the attack is displayed to both guilds.

In the list of members you can see what members of a guild have "actively" gotten ready. Members that have been members of a guild for less than 24 hours cannot take part in the fight.

During the 10-hour battle preparation period, an attacking guild cannot declare war on any other guild, and the defending guild cannot be attacked by any other guild during this period.

However, the attacking guild can be attacked by other guilds and the defending guild can declare war on other guilds.

Thus, a guild can only attack once and be attacked once at the same time.

Guilds can only be attacked as long as no guild raid has been declared.

All guilds can be attacked that are below and at most 20 places or 3,000 honor above your own guild in the Hall of Fame.

Costs guild attack

Each attack costs the player that starts it 100 gold.

Winning a guild fight

The guild that emerges victorious from the battle wins guild honor depending on the guild honor difference. In addition, each member receives XP.

The defeated guild loses guild honor.

Guild defense

Guild defense

The defense icon is available to all guild members only after war has been declared on their guild.

In general, every member defends the guild in case of war. Players that are actively defending fight with 100% of their hit points and all others with 50%.

An exception are inactive players that only provide 10% of their hit points after being inactive for 14+ days.

Mushroom catapult

Mushroom catapult

The mushroom catapult can be used to load up to three giant mushrooms for five mushrooms each into the catapult for the next guild fight. Giant mushrooms are fired at the opponent in battle.

Each giant mushroom hits an opponent randomly selected before the battle begins and drains 50% of the opponent's hit points.

If a guild loses the battle, not every giant mushroom has to be fired because it can also hit opposing players who did not take their turn in the battle.