Each guild can have only one guild leader. Guild leaders can start battles, invite players from the Hall of Fame, kick players and upgrade the guild. The guild leader is the only member with permission to change the guild description and the coat of arms.

The guild leader can change a member's status by selecting them from the list and clicking the "+" sign on the character screen. The medal icon will make him an officer.

The guild leader can promote an officer to the new guild leader, but then he/she will be automatically demoted to an officer himself.

If the guild leader has not logged in for more than 21 days, an officer can demote the leader.

If the guild does not have officers, a support request can be made. We will look at the guild's situation and find the best active player who can take over the guild.

After one year of guild leader inactivity, any active guild member can demote the leader and become new guild leader.

Guild leaders have access to the guild menu which allows them to access administrative functions.