In the first 48 hours after the construction of the main building with level 1, no one can steal wood and stone from this fortress. After that, the level of the main building determines the amount of resources won and lost.

Calculation From the Attacker’s Point of View

Before the battle begins, you can see how much wood and stone can be stolen. This value is calculated as follows:

50% production supply + 10% fortress storage supply * (level difference * 0.5 + 1) + level difference bonus.

An example for stone: An opponent has 1,000 stone lying around in the quarry and stores 10,000 stone in his fortress. The levels of his and the opponent's fortress are the same.

0.50 * 1,000 + 0.1 * 10,000 * (0 * 0.5 + 1) = 1,500

If the attacker has a higher fortress level than the attacked player, the attacker wins fewer resources. The amount that can be looted from the fortress is then reduced by a certain percentage. If the level of the main building is 4 or more levels higher than that of the attacked player, the attacker cannot steal any resources.

Bonus Due to Level Difference

The bonus due to level difference is not taken from the attacked player. However, it is calculated as follows:

Level DifferenceBonus
01 * wood or stone per hour
10.75 * wood or stone per hour
20.5 * wood or stone per hour
30.25 * wood or stone per hour

If the attacked player has the same main building level as the attacker, the attacker also receives the equivalent of one hour's worth of wood and stone that the attacked player's woodcutter's hut and quarry would produce in that time. With a level difference of one, it would still be 45 minutes, with a difference of two, 30 minutes, and with a difference of three, 15 minutes.

The attacked player suffers losses without the bonuses just mentioned. If there are resources there, the quarry and the woodcutter's hut are raided first. If the resources there are not sufficient, the difference is taken from the fortress (main building). In this case, the attacked player would have no more stone (-1,000) in the quarry and 9,500 stone (-the remaining 500) in his fortress.

From this point on, the enemy fortress enters protection mode. In the following 24 hours, no resources can be raided there, but still 50% from the woodcutter's hut and quarry if the attack was successful.