You can build your own fortress from character level 25.

You start (after being charged a few gold pieces) with a small main building and then with a woodcutter's hut which produces wood. Then you build a quarry and get stone as a second important resource.

With wood and stone you can build and improve other buildings. If you have the appropriate training buildings (barracks), you can use these resources to train units to attack other players or defend your own fortress.

By clicking the woodcutter's hut and other buildings with a filling bar, you secure a large part of your resources from predatory fellow players. As soon as you have collected enough resources for a new building or an improvement, an exclamation mark appears above the building.

If you cancel the construction or upgrade of a building, you will get back 75% of the resources spent. A construction is only considered finished when the construction time is over and you have accepted the construction by clicking on the building.

Impatient builders can speed up the construction process with a few mushrooms. The more time is skipped, the higher the cost.

You can also get wood and stone from the Wheel of Fortune and on tavern quests during certain events.


You can construct the following buildings: