Legendary items are the best items you can get in Shakes & Fidget. They are better than epic items, always have a gem slot and a rune (armor: hit points rune, weapons: damage rune), provided that at least 1,000 runes have already been earned in the Arena Manager. The exception is the warrior shield which has neither a gem slot nor a rune.

Legendary items can only be found in a Legendary dungeon. To complete the full set, a Legendary dungeon must be completed multiple times. Which item is found in the dungeon is purely random. An item can be found multiple times.

Legendary items are not added to the library by beating other players in PVP.

Throwing a Legendary item into the toilet will earn you 50 mana points, just like an epic item. Sacrificing a Legendary weapon in the toilet gives you a 33% chance of getting the warrior shield, regardless of your class. When you get a new weapon (or the shield) via the toilet, it is also added to your library.

The appearance of Legendaries can be changed to the appearance of epics via the "Change look" function at the blacksmith - and vice versa. Changing epics to the look of Legendaries is possible across classes, except for weapons. However, this is only possible if the Legendary is already in the library. Legendary items do not count towards the percentage value of the library.