Legendary Dungeon

The gate to the Legendary Dungeon in the city opens several times a year. A character level of 50+ is required.

You have the choice between the Legendary Dungeon and the Legendary Dungeon Ultimate.

Tor zum Legendary Dungeon

You can defeat monsters, collect gold and find items in a total of 100 rooms. Every 25 rooms a mini boss awaits you. If you defeat the final boss in room 100, you gain a Legendary item.

Playing in first-person view, you always have two choices: left or right door. It is unclear what is behind foggy question marks. Most of the time, there is a monster behind glowing eyes that deals damage and reduces your hit points. The damage is even higher if there is also a trap.

Find a chest and feel blessed. Apart from items and gold you can also make a painful experience. Defeated monsters often lose a key you can use for locked doors. In contrast, chests are never locked even if they have a lock..

Corpses sometimes just sleep and still deal damage then.

You come closer to the final boss with every room you leave. Defeat the final boss and gain a guaranteed Legendary item you can only find in the dungeon. Legendary items have much better bonuses than epic ones.

For fearful contemporaries, there is always the possibility of fleeing. An immediate consequence of this is punishment in the form of damage.

If you die before the final boss, this is no reason to despair. For a few mushrooms you can continue where you failed.

If you die, your journey in the dungeon is not over yet as progress is saved. You keep your keys, Gems of Fate, gold and loot, and continue where you died. Blessings and curses are lost though.

Hit points automatically regenerate over time and can be replenished with mushrooms if you want to hurl yourself into adventure instantly or you don't want to wait that long. Every run, replenishing the first 20% of your hit points costs 10 mushrooms, 15 mushrooms for the second time and 20 mushrooms from the third time on.

Defeating the final boss in room 100 to gain a Legendary item lets you enter the Legendary Dungeon again for free.

Gems of Fate

In order to get to the final boss, you need to defeat a mini boss at the end of every dungeon section. As reward you may pick one of three Gems of Fate.

Gems of Fate possess the power to change the dungeon.  Their power is only broken by defeating the final boss. With each subsequent dungeon run, you can pick new Gems of Fate.

Key Master's Shop

In the Key Master's Shop you can buy blessings that will help you survive in the Legendary Dungeon.

Legendary Dungeon Ultimate

The Legendary Dungeon Ultimate is being played the same way like a regular Legendary Dungeon but you have to pay a specific entrance fee.

Advantages of the Legendary Dungeon Ultimate:

  • 3x the amount of resources (buffs and keys are excluded)
  • 3x the amount of gold
  • 3x the amount of legendary items if you defeat the final boss


You control your character with your mouse or arrow keys (browser and Steam versions) or by swiping left or right (mobile apps).

Legendary Dungeon

  1. Dungeon overview
  2. Go left
  3. ...or right. The decision is yours!
  4. Room counter and active Gems of Fate
  5. Your hit points. The dungeons scales with your level, attributes and equipment.
  6. Blessings (up to 3)
  7. Curses (up to 3)
  8. Your keys. You need keys to unlock locked doors.