Once pets have been defeated in their habitats, they can usually be found on quests after meeting certain requirements. Some rare pets have special conditions.

General information on the times needed for expeditions or quests:

Time Mentioned in GameServer Time
Day6 - 17:59 (6 AM - 5:59 PM)
Night18 - 5:59 (6 PM - 5:59 AM)
SummerJune - August
FallSeptember - November
WinterDecember - February
SpringMarch - May

Below there is an overview of all pets with details when and where they can be found during expeditions or quests.


SlurpScoutCommonMoldy ForrestDuring the day
DigmolWarriorCommonRotten LandsAt night
TootheyScoutCommonSprawling JungleAt night
OkultacleMageCommonMoldy ForrestAt night
SpidorMageCommonRotten LandsOn Monday night
JackobuMageCommonBlack Water SwampDuring Witching Hour (0 - 1 AM)
ShrimpflyScoutCommonSprawling JungleOn summer days
ReaprimScoutCommonRotten LandsOn winter days
PetdacatScoutCommonShadowrock MountainOn Friday nights
MykonWarriorCommonMoldy ForestOn fall days
FishorrMageCommonBlack Water SwampOn Monday night
CuckoolyMageCommonRotten LandsOn Tuesday night
BattlutterScoutCommonShadowrock MountainOn Wednesday night
PinklynxScoutCommonShadowrock MountainOn Thursdays during the day
PharamummWarriorRareRotten LandsOn Halloween (October) during the event "Crazy Mushroom Harvest"
NinstarWarriorRareBlack Water SwampMin. rank 1,000 in Hall of Fame (heroes) or min. 50,000 honor (hero)
LuchtablongMageRareShadowrock MountainDuring the event "Exceptional XP Event"
AngrackWarriorRareRotten LandsAlways on Friday the 13th
DevilsattWarriorEpicBlack Water SwampAfter clearing floor 10 of the 15th shadow world dungeon
PoisnakeScoutEpicSprawling Junglealways


ShaggyllWarriorCommonPlains of Oz'KorrDuring the day
JellclopsWarriorCommonBusted LandsAt night
TinckMageCommonMaerwynnDuring the day
CloudningMageCommonBusted LandsDuring the day
NevorfullScoutCommonMaerwynnOn spring nights
PlutoidScoutCommonBusted LandsOn Saturday during the day
DjinntonicMageCommonSunburn DesertOn summer days
BlaxtaWarriorCommonPlains of Oz'KorrOn fall days
LampcessWarriorCommonSunburn DesertOn Monday night
TeslarrMageCommonBusted LandsOn Tuesday during the day
SunnyaMageCommonSunburn DesertOn Sunday during the day
BuckfoxionScoutCommonMaerwynnOn Wednesday night
BirdychirpScoutCommonPlains of Oz'KorrOn Thursday night
EyeorwhatMageCommonBusted LandsOn Friday during the day
MesmeritMageRareSunburn Desertbeing in a guild that has a rank of 100 or better or a minimum of 2,500 guild honor
AntlarWarriorRareShadowrock MountainIn December
LiphantWarriorRareBusted LandsAlways on April 1st
KnilightWarriorRarePlains of Oz'Korrduring the event "Epic Shopping Spree Extravaganza"
HeraldonMageEpicMaerwynnafter clearing the Tower in the Light World
UnikorScoutEpicPlains of Oz'Korralways


MamotonWarriorCommonGnarogrimDuring the day
MonkorrageWarriorCommonSprawling JungleAt night
SmaponyckScoutCommonMaerwynnDuring the day
BittnutzScoutCommonPlains of Oz'KorrDuring the day
RoarearWarriorCommonGnarogrimAt night
MuscudonScoutCommonPlains of Oz'KorrOn summer days
ApstickMageCommonSprawling JungleOn fall days
HorringtonMageCommonGnarogrimOn winter days
BoaringgWarriorCommonMaerwynnOn spring days
MamelothWarriorCommonSprawling JungleOn Sunday night
RheynoohScoutCommonMaerwynnOn Monday during the day
RockastonnWarriorCommonGnarogrimOn Tuesday night
RedwoofoxScoutCommonMaerwynnOn Wednesday during the day
LilbeatzupScoutCommonPlains of Oz'KorrOn Thursday during the day
ForrorMageRareMaerwynnDuring the Easter event
NipprabsMageRareSprawling JungleDuring the Pentecost/Whitsun event
ArmoruckMageRarePlains of Oz'KorrDuring the event "Glorious Gold Galore"
CanocleWarriorRareGnarogrimFortress Hall of Fame rank 100 or better or a minimum of 2,500 fortress honor
TricerawoodWarriorEpicGem mine (Fortress)In gem mine if gem min is level 20+
MouthrexorWarriorEpicSprawling Junglealways


FirimpScoutCommonMoldy ForrestDuring the day
GullpsScoutCommonMagmaronAt night
PyrophibusWarriorCommonBlack Water SwampAt night
FlamechirrMageCommonSunburn DesertDuring the day
TectospitMageCommonMagmaronOn Tuesday night
PyroplantScoutCommonMoldy ForestOn fall nights
KokofireScoutCommonMagmaronOn Monday during the day
PeppryonMageCommonSunburn DesertOn spring days
BoomywoomyWarriorCommonMagmaronOn winter days
TikirickyMageCommonSprawling JungleOn Wednesday night
MatchlitMageCommonSunburn DesertOn Thursday during the day
BirblazeyScoutCommonSunburn DesertOn summer days
InfernoxScoutCommonMagmaronOn Friday during the day
HumbuzzishScoutCommonSprawling JungleOn Saturday night
DragopyrScoutRareWeapon shopOffered in weapon shop
MantiflameScoutRareSunburn DesertDuring the event "Tidy Toilet Time"
FinnettleMageRareMagmaronAlways on Valentine's Day (February 14th)
EtrockWarriorRarePlains of Oz'Korralways on new year's eve (December 31st) and new year's day (January 1st)
BlazingtonguesMageEpicMagmaronClearing the single-player Demon's Portal


GoldyMageCommonSkull IslandDuring the day
OrcahleWarriorCommonSkull IslandDuring the day
OcodileWarriorCommonBlack Water SwampDuring the day
PenguwaterWarriorCommonShadowrock MountainDuring the day
WalrophinWarriorCommonShadowrock MountainOn Monday during the day
ColsnailScoutCommonMoldy ForrestOn Tuesday night
AquaphantWarriorCommonMoldy ForrestOn Wednesday during the day
NaarScoutCommonShadowrock MountainOn winter days
OctobossScoutCommonMoldy ForestOn Thursday night
EwilgrynWarriorCommonSkull IslandOn Friday during the day
SeapardMageCommonSkull IslandOn Saturday during the day
ShellzyMageCommonSkull IslandOn fall nights
MinghoMageCommonBlack Water SwampOn summer days
AngbiteWarriorCommonShadowrock MountainOn Sunday night
MermoidMageRareSkull IslandRank 100 or better in the pet Hall of Fame or a minimum of 4,000 pet honor
WatnakeMageRareMagic shopOffered in magic shop
CannoturtleWarriorRareSkull IslandDuring the birthday event (at the weekend of the week of June 21st)
UnhereMageRareArcane ToiletFlushing the toilet after reaching aura 20+
TritostingWarriorEpicMoldy ForrestAfter clearing dungeon 22 in the Light World
HydrospirScoutEpicBlack Water SwampAlways