At the bottom left of the pet overview, daily battles can be fought against packs of other players. Every day a certain element is determined against which you can compete. The opponent is chosen randomly.

Note that each pack can only be attacked once per day. Therefore, a maximum of 5 attacks per day are possible.


If you win the attack, you get pet Hall of Fame points and a fruit of the element the defender defended with. If you lose, you lose Hall of Fame points.


Between fights there is a cooldown of 15 minutes which can be skipped by paying a mushroom.


Certain elements have advantages over other elements: Water has advantages over fire. fire, on the other hand, over earth, earth over light, light naturally over shadow and shadow over water.


ElementEggFruitAdvantageDisadvantageAttribute Bonus
ShadowShadow eggBlackberryWaterLightConstitution
LightLight eggLemonShadowEarthDexterity
EarthEarth eggAppleLightFireIntelligence
FireFire eggStrawberryEarthWaterLuck
WaterWater eggPlumFireShadowStrength