From level 75 you get the chance to find a nest with valuable eggs on a tavern quest.

Pet Nest

Then you can click the door on the right side of the stable or the stable menu button twice to get to the pets. This will directly give you five of the 100 available pets. The first three pets of each element are randomly generated.

At first, your pet knowledge is limited to three pets per element. Known pets can be hatched from eggs that can be found after meeting certain requirements concerning quests or other parts of the game. Eggs you find are wiggling in the appropriate place in the pet area. Clicking an egg will immediately hatch it.

Hatched pets can be fed fruit obtained after winning pet fights, gained from the Wheel of Fortune, as quest rewards or as event rewards. Each pet only likes fruit of its element and can be fed up to a maximum of three times a day.

To discover more pets, you have to defeat a pet in its habitat. Then the next pet is unlocked.

Each element has 20 pets. Pets can be fed up to level 200. Upgrading your pets is limited to level 100 until all habitats have been unlocked. 

The pets of each element can compete against pets of another player once per day. Accordingly, five pet fights are possible every day. For each victorious fight you get a fruit of the day. If you lose, the only negative consequence is that you will not receive any fruit.

On quests fruits can be found with a certain chance, but only if you do not receive an item. When searching for fruits, you should ignore quests with guaranteed items. Certain events offer a higher chance of fruits.


If you point your mouse pointer over the names of the elements above (1), you can see how many pets of the element you already explored and found. You also get an overview of how many pets you have in total.

2: active pet

3: pet food of the different elements

4: stats of the active pet

5: pet habitat. Fight pets to unlock them first, then collect them by meeting certain requirements

6: pet fights against other players