Mounts can be leased in the stable. They shorten quest times. Moreover, some have an additional bonus.


You can always extend the leasing period by 14 days or upgrade to a better mount. When upgrading to a better mount,  the previous mount is cancelled without replacement.

Depending on the character's alignment, there are different mounts, but their effects are the same. You always have the choice of four mounts of different quality.

The environmental bonus of the Griffin Dragon or Dragon Griffin is given once when leasing the mount and every time it is renewed.

Overview of mounts

GraphicMountPriceTravel DurationBonus
CowCow1gold-10 % 
PigPig1gold-10 % 
HorseHorse5 gold-20 % 
WolfWolf5 gold-20 % 
TigerTiger10 gold + 1 mushroom-30 % 
RaptorRaptor10 gold + 1 mushroom-30 % 
Dragon GriffinGriffin Dragon25  mushroom -50 %Gold bonus (depending on character level)
Dragon GriffinDragon Griffin25  mushroom-50 %Gold bonus (depending on character level)