You can access the witch from level 66. Pay her a visit by clicking the "Inconspicuous Book" next to Fidget in the magic shop or click the magic shop menu button twice.

The witch secretly brews her spell scroll enchantments there. She needs ingredients for this. The witch unmistakably tells you what ingredients she needs on a given day. Such items also have a sparkle effect in the inventory:

Sparkling items

If the required amount has been reached, the witch can start brewing. She needs 24 hours to finish a spell scroll. The progress of each spell is displayed as a percentage. All players in a game world donate together and work on this goal.

Donating Items

Use a drag and drop gesture from the inventory onto the cauldron to donate items.

You can donate as many items as you want per day. Unlike the toilet, you do not get the items back, but twice the gold value of the current sales value.

Witch, cauldron

Brewing Potions

After finishing all nine spell scrolls and unlocking pets, an overview is displayed under the witch with your available fruits. For 10 fruit of the same type, you can brew a large potion.

10 blackberries (purple)Large constitution potion
10 lemons (yellow)Large dexterty potion
10 apples (green)Large intelligence potion
10 strauberries (red)large luck potion
10 plums (blue)large strength potion