Potions can be bought in the magic shop and improve a certain attribute for a certain time (e.g. three days). The attribute is displayed by using the tooltip.

You can have a maximum of three active potions at the same time. These potions must give bonuses to three different attributes, for example one potion for strength, one for constitution and one for luck.

Activate Potions

Potions are activated by dragging them either directly from the shop or from the backpack to one of the three slots below a character's attribute values.

Active potions including their remaining times are displayed there.

Potions can be overwritten by stronger potions of the same type. The old potion expires without replacement, and the new potion becomes active immediately. The "Potion of Eternal Life" and the constitution potion can be used simultaneously.

Potions of the same type can add up their times.

A potion can be removed by clicking  it and confirming the dialog. However, this will delete it irretrievably!

The "Potion of Eternal Life" directly affects your hit points.

Potions Overview

Potions come in three different sizes: small, medium and large. Small potions increase an attribute by +10%, medium potions add +15% and large potions boost an attribute by +25%. The effect lasts for three days.

The Potion of Eternal Life boosts your hit points by +25% and lasts for seven days.

Brewing Potions

Potions can be brewed at the witch as soon as all nine enchantments have been completed there, and the pets have been unlocked. At the witch's juicer, an overview appears in the lower area with available fruits. With 10 fruit of each type, you can brew large potions of the corresponding type:

10 blackberries (purple)Large constitution potion
10 lemons (yellow)Large dexterty potion
10 apples (green)Large intelligence potion
10 strawberries (red)large luck potion
10 plums (blue)large strength potion