In Fidget's magic shop you can find magic items and buy them there.

Magic shop

Items can be bought for gold or a combination of gold and mushrooms. To do this, drag the item from the store into your backpack or directly into the character's matching slot. You can also right-click the item to open a context menu and buy the item.

The selection of offers always changes at midnight. You can also refresh the shop by spending a mushroom.

The better the level and toilet aura of a hero is, the better the offered goods will be.

Selling items

Items can be sold by using a drag and drop gesture from your inventory to the shop. The selling price is 25% of the gold purchase price/value. You can also sell an item via the right-click context menu.

But beware: once sold, the item is gone. If your backpack is larger than the five starting slots due to corresponding expansions in the fortress, pull the red cord at the bottom left of the first inventory field to see the total capacity and the items inside.

If an item is sold that was previously upgraded by the blacksmith, resources are recovered proportionately. This does not apply to upgraded weapons with no sales value, e.g. if they were previously thrown in the toilet!