Changelog for Hotfix 21.000 HF02, June 5, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Day of doomed souls event: Expeditions will now give the correct amount of souls during the event.
  • Hellevator: The Gingerbread Heart snack's effect on a demon hunter will only increase the hitpoints once instead of multiple times.

Changelog for Hotfix 21.000 HF00, May 24, 2024


  • Coupon Codes: Players will receive a warning if they attempt to claim key card rewards from a coupon code before having accessed the Hellevator.

Changelog for version 21.0, May 22, 2024

New features

  • Hellevator: The new “Hell Attack” feature is available now.

  • Legendary Dungeon “Shady Birthday Bash”: new weapons, new shield, new armor and gloves.

  • A new epic set for the upcoming UEFA Euro 2024 has been implemented.

  • Black Market: There will be new offers on Monday.

  • WebShop: The hourglass packs will be removed on Monday.


  • Quests: In the course of the change to expeditions as a permanent feature, the monster mechanics on quests (and on expeditions) have been changed generally. As a consequence, red quests that appear on quests very seldomly, no longer properly work. Therefore, we decided to remove these red and sparkling quests from the game.

  • Twister: You receive an epic for every 50 enemies now.

  • Expeditions

    • During the “Assembly of Awesome Animals” event, fruits (in the form of a fruit basket) are guaranteed to be rewarded for expeditions.

    • The mission “The Sword Trial” is a collective task now. You can select the broken sword multiple times for extra heroism now.

    • The mission “Toxic Fountain Cure” is a collective task now. You can select the polluted fairy fountain multiple times for extra heroism now.

    • Switching between expeditions and quests in the game options is grayed out now after spending thirst for adventure in one of the two features.

    • Shortcuts within expeditions have been optimized for WebGL and Steam.

      • Enter or up arrow key: selects the upper expedition (for fewer thirst for adventure) when the expedition screen is open

      • Down arrow key: select the bottom expedition (for more thirst for adventure)

      • You can select your loot on the loot screen with the left and right arrow keys so that your top left selection will jump to the top right position and vice versa.

  • Hellevator: optimization of the Hellevator fights' performance

  • Options: Languages that are no longer supported have been removed from the options. The following languages are still supported: German, English, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, French, Slovak, Italian and Spanish. In case a different language is selected, English will be set.

  • Guild Chat: The chat history was increased to display the last 300 messages. 

Fixed bugs

  • Legendary Dungeon

    • The fifth Trial Gate sometimes led to the Key Master. This will no longer happen.

    • Even after reaching the gold cap will the reward chest after a trial room contain gold instead of dust now.

    • Info text for trial chests is displayed now.

  • Expeditions

    • The body of Klaus is now correctly removed from your expedition inventory after completing the task.

    • Drinking beer no longer regenerates tasks that had a pet reward, so this pet can still be found.

    • The waiting time of the first expedition of the day is based on the current mount instead of the mount that was active at the change of day now.

  • To-do list:

    • Bards can no longer complete the task “Win fights in the Hall of Fame with bare hands” although they have a weapon equipped.

    • “Door button” shortcuts of tasks now redirect to the correct feature (either quests or expeditions).

  • Library of Meticulousness: The Scrapbook refreshes instantly again when receiving new items.

  • Character creation: Under certain circumstances characters were created multiple times. This has been fixed.

  • Character overview: Pet bonuses that affect a character’s attributes are now reliably displayed now when a pet is fed and a level threshold (100, 150, 200) is reached.

  • International Hall of Fame:

    • Demon Hunters can revive themselves in international guild fights now.

    • Druids can use their swoop attacks in international PvP and guild fights again.

  • Achievements: Lucky Coins from expeditions now count towards the “Square Eyes” achievement.

  • Underworld: The soul display of the torture chamber now display the correct value for the character.

  • Mail: Watching a saved demon portal fight displays the correct monster again.

  • Potions: The duration and values of a character are correctly refreshed now when a potion expires during an active game session.


Mobile Apps

  • iOS App: Button to WebShop will be removed temporarily due to Apple’s restrictive conditions.