Reaching level 105 unlocks the Arena Manager. The goal of the arena manager is to build an economically thriving arena, sacrifice your progress to the Gods, earn runes and repeat everything again.

To make progress, collect 20+ runes before you sacrifice them.

By upgrading the arena and sacrificing the runes, you gain certain benefits which are described below.

Arena Manager

You start with a small arena - no more than a field with a few cheap seats. This will automatically generate some dough every few seconds - even if you are logged out.

Once you've earned enough money, you can use it to improve seats or expand the arena: for example with a popcorn stand, a parking lot, drinks, or later traps and monsters to make the fights more interesting for the audience.

If you have saved up a lot of dough, you can also use the "X1" button at the top right to change how often an expansion should be purchased with one click to speed up the expansion.

The times under each bar can be clicked to switch between total time and remaining time for each building.

The money units such as millions are intentionally kept international. This is for better comparability for international players.


The merchant at the top offers various skips and boosts for mushrooms.

The offer of the merchant will be reset at midnight each day. If a boost was purchased, the merchant will be closed for the rest of the day.



Skips skip time.



Boosts permanently increase income. Open a tooltip to display information on an offer.

Sacrificing Progress

The more attractive an arena is, the more dough it generates per time unit.

An arena can be sacrificed for runes. If runes are sacrificed, all arena upgrades and the currently available dough are reset and you start over with a new arena.

The runes already in possession are always kept. For every 20 runes owned, buildings get bonuses on their money production!


Runes have two effects you should not neglect:

  • The more runes you have, the more money you get per time unit.
  • After collecting a minimum of 1,000 runes, you can find items with runes in the weapon and magic shop. Such runes might add more hit points in fight, elemental damage (cold, fire etc.) or resistance against elements. Your defense will be improved, you will get more XP, gold etc., the more runes, the better the bonuses.


The maximum bonuses that can be obtained from items with runes or that are added when multiple items with the same type of rune bonus are equipped are:

  • Gold bonus for quests: max. 50%
  • Increased chance of epics: max. 50%
  • Improved item quality: max. 5 units
  • XP bonus for quests: max. 10%
  • Hit points bonus: max. 15%
  • Damage bonus (fire, cold, lightning): max. 60% each (this rune is only available for weapons)
  • Damage reduction (fire, cold, lightning): max. 75% each
  • Damage reduction (for all elements): max. 25% (per item, up to 75% when added up)

The damage reduction against elements works as a percentage of the damage taken, increased by element runes. Once all boosts for all ten buildings have been purchased, there is a chance to upgrade the income boosts to a platinum level.