Changelog for Hotfix 20.000 HF02

Administrative Updates

  • Terms and Conditions will be updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Daily/Event Tasks: When a task requires collecting lucky coins, these will now be immediately counted towards the task as soon as they are received.
  • Mail:
    • Upon redeeming a reward, the corresponding notification can now be reopened to display the item received.
    • An issue has been resolved where the deletion of a reward notification by the system incorrectly removed an item slot.
  • Expeditions: Bonuses from spell scrolls are now properly applied to expeditions.
  • Fortress: When the secret storage is full, resources obtained from expeditions will now be correctly allocated to the regular fortress storage instead.

Changelog for version 20.0, March 26, 2024

New features

  • Expeditions instead of quests

    • In the game options you can either enable expeditions or quests in the gameplay tab

    • Texts only mention expeditions explicitly, but you can still complete everything on classic quests (todo list, achievements, pets, events etc.)

    • New Helpshift articles on expeditions have been added and can be viewed via the expedition info screen:

    • Monsters have been redistributed within the Light world and quests

      • Each of these monsters has exactly one habitat (either in the first 10 dungeons or in a specific region on expeditions or quests)

      • The majority of the 172 monsters have been reworked graphically

      • New dungeon texts have been implemented (for light dungeons 1 to 10)

    • The 21 regions have been reduced to 12 and have been visually reworked

      • Pet eggs have been redistributed to these 12 regions depending on their elements (e.g. the eggs of certain fire pets can be found in Magmaron)

  • Legendary Dungeon

  • Scrapbook rework

    • Rework of the scrapbook in the form of the “Library of Meticulousness”

    • 3 Grimoires are located in the library to separate achievements, the scrapbook and Legendary items more clearly from each other

    • Achievements are now sorted by feature or category, and each feature has information on how it can be unlocked

    • The achievement “Collect 'em All” was changed from “Collect all 49 previous achievements” to “Collect 50 achievements” → The reason for this is the sorting into categories, as it is in the "General" category now and no longer has 49 previous achievements

    • Implementation of an info screen

  • Credit notes via the inbox

    • Twitch Drops, coupons und packs from the mushroom dealer or the WebShop are sent to a character’s inbox now where they can be collected. If these credit notes contain items that require an empty inventory slot, you can only collec them after having enough empty inventory slots.

  • Twitch Drops

    • Implementation of additional Twitch Drops that contain gems or epics

  • Mushroom dealer

    • The black market has set up its stand at the mushroom dealer and is now offering limited edition packs full of hourglasses for Lucky Coins

  • Event tasks

    • From now on, you can find event tasks that are live during special events (e.g. Egg Hunt at Easter) in the event task list at the Goblin Gleeman


  • Characters can be permanently deleted directly now

    • only applies to characters under level 10 if they did not buy packs (in the WebShop or at the mushroom dealer)

    • Level 10+ characters are still marked for deletion for 30 days regardless of whether packs have been purchased

  • Event task list “Maximizer”

    • The first reward pack contained metal, the second one arcane splinters → the first reward pack contains metal and arcane splinters now, whereas the second one contains gold

  • Display of Lucky Coins

    • Since the last hotfix (19.500 HF05), the Flying Tube displays the number of Lucky Coins available for Android users, and this has now also been implemented for WebGL and iOS

  • Guild

    • Players that have been blocked via the friend list are no longer able to use the whisper function in guild chat

Fixed bugs

  • Guild

    • The XP bonus of the Hydra is no longer calculated at the individual login, but the daily reset so that it remains the same throughout the day

  • Achievement “Square Eyes”

    • Lucky Coins from purchased packs now always count towards this achievement

  • WebGL/Steam

    • Pressing the “H” shortcut 7 times now redirects you to the international Hall of Fame for Guilds again

Mobile app


  • Expeditions

    • Push notifications are sent when the waiting times after the 5th and 10th clearing are over

  • Task list

    • The position of the tooltips for the individual reward packs has been optimized so that they are no longer under the finger

  • Support chat (Helpshift)

    • Push notifications are now sent when support has replied to a ticket

Community Portal

New features

  • WebShop

    • As with the mushroom dealer (in WebGL), an invoice email must now also be added in the WebShop in order to be able to make purchases