The library documents your heroic achievements that you accomplish in this world and rewards you for your efforts.

Three grimoires are of significance within the library:

The scrapbook, your achievements, and your collected legendary items (legendaries). Accumulating your successes serves not only a nostalgic purpose but also grants you significant advantages in this world.

Library of Meticulousness - Grimoires


In the scrapbook, you find your progress with equipment and monsters. Your percentage progress in this grimoire grants you a permanent experience bonus.


Equipment such as weapons, armor, and accessories can be found on expeditions or in dungeons, purchased in shops, or obtained through a flush in the toilet. Even after winning a fight against a hero in the arena or hall of honor, their equipment is stored in your scrapbook.

Epic Items (Epics)

Equipment items vary in value, so in addition to simple items, there are so-called epics. You can recognize epic items by their mystical glow, while simple items can be obtained in various colors. Certain epic sets can be found during special seasons like Christmas time.


Your class can use either melee, ranged, magic weapons, or shields.


Also dependent on your class is the armor you can wear. In total, there are light, medium, and heavy armors.


These are divided into amulets, rings, and talismans that support you in your endeavors.


In the bestiary, you find all monsters that you have defeated in dungeons or on expeditions. Each monster has a fixed location where it can be found.


Each completed achievement gives you a permanent bonus of +5 attribute points to all your attributes. The total of accumulated bonus points is noted on the cover of the book.

Each achievement belongs to a higher category that assigns achievements to their corresponding feature. Each achievement contains information about the individual unlocking conditions. Achievements that do not belong to a clear feature are listed in the "General" category.


Legendary Items

Legendary items (legendaries) appear exclusively in a Legendary Dungeon. This dungeon occurs once during each of the four seasons for a few days. In every Legendary Dungeon, there is a unique set.


The more legendaries you have collected, the higher your chance of finding legendary gems in the mine and equipping your items with them.