If you click the top-right toilet door in the tavern (after finding the toilet key on a quest, which is possible from level 100), you can go to the toilet. Alternatively, you can click on "Tavern" in the menu twice.


You can throw items from the inventory in the toilet. As a reward you get an item for a different class back. Class-specific items (armor and weapons) are generated for a different character class. Such items are for your companions.

The first item of a day also adds mana points. If the toilet bowl is lit, you have already received mana.

After collecting enough mana (indicated by the fill level above the toilet bowl), you can flush the toilet. The Gods grant you a special aura in return which impresses merchants, and they will offer you better items as you would normally get.

All items you receive from the toilet no longer give you gold in the shops or from the witch! Weapons also lose their resources if they were improved by the blacksmith.

If mana in the toilet tank exceeds the limit, the surplus is lost.

After reaching aura level 18, flushing the toilet will reward you with an epic and the required maximum of 1,000 mana per level is reached!

Maximum aura level

Aura is capped at 66. You can continue using the toilet.

Mana values

Epic items are regarded as more precious by the Gods. Therefore, they fill the toilet tank more quickly.

Epic item50
Regular item25

Important: gems, potions and pet food are not morphed and disappear after being sacrificed.