The operator expressly warns against the use of such programs as scripts (e.g., bots) or alleged hacks. The sole purpose of the latter is to damage the user’s computer and they usually don’t have the promised effect.

Anyone who installs programs from unknown third parties from the Internet runs a great risk. Before installation, they should always be checked for malware such as Trojans and viruses.

Anyone who enters their access data in game scripts must keep in mind that third parties may get hold of this data and make unwanted changes to the game character or S&F Account.

This is why the use of scripts and hacks is not permitted: for the users’ own protection and to preserve equal opportunities, and may lead to blocking or deletion of the game character or S&F account without notice.

This also applies to actions by the user that cause an excessive data transfer to the game world (such as auto- refresh) or that may impair the game progress. Automatic or semi-automatic scripts that execute database queries or activate game mechanisms are particularly prohibited.

In case of an infringement, the corresponding account or game character will be deleted or banned without prior warning.

The operator reserves the right to claim compensation in the amount of the damages and the resulting administrative expenses.

If the player finds any program errors (bugs), he is obligated to report these immediately to the operator by using the support chat or support form.

Anyone who exploits bugs to create an advantage for himself or others must expect that his S&F account or game character will be banned.

The intended triggering of a program error is only permitted if the affected player is requested to perform this by a support employee.