Account-sitting (playing a second, already existing account temporarily) is only allowed if it ranges from 24 hours up to 21 days. During this period, the user who created the borrowed game character or account may not log in or play.

The account sitter may not use more than one game character or account at the same time and is not permitted to attack a game character played by him- or herself.

The entire process of account sitting is carried out at the risk of the user who created the borrowed game character or account. Transmitting access information to the account sitter poses a great risk for unwanted changes to the game character or the account.

The operator assumes no liability in respect to changes, losses or the deletion of one or more game characters. In particular, the operator does not assume any liability for potential uses of the premium currency.

The sitting ends as soon as the account holder logs in to his or her character / S&F account again. Multiple swapping of the active player between account holder and sitter is regarded as account-sharing and will be punished.

It is also necessary to inform the game support, so a permanent suspensions can be avoided.