A game character or S&F account (account) may only be used by one person.

“Account sharing”, i.e., the shared use of a “game character” or an “account” by multiple persons, is not permitted.

Sharing one or more characters or accounts with other players can lead to a permanent ban of all characters involved.

IP Sharing

IP sharing is allowed in general but you need to follow some rules.

The rule is: one character / S&F account per user!

If you and some family members use the same device (and have the same IP), you can all play the game as long as you only have one character / S&F account per person. You will also need to notify our support via ticket so we can make a note to avoid confusion.

Characters with a shared IP address must not attack each other or attack other accounts together to gain benefits (more than two attacks with each player within 30 minutes).

It is also necessary to inform us via the support, so we can avoid permanent suspensions. Infringement of these rules can lead to a ban or account deletion.