A distinction must be made between “accounts” and “game characters”.

An account (S&F account) may contain several game characters, but a game character can only be assigned to one account.

Each user may use only one game character per game world. If a user simultaneously plays with more than one game character in the same game world, this can be penalized with a permanent ban of all involved game characters. You are allowed to create characters on different game worlds though. 

Please also note that sharing an S&F account or characters with (an)other player(s) is also prohibited.

Multiple Characters on Fusion game worlds

If multiple of your characters have been migrated to the same Fusion game world, you are allowed to continue playing those characters. We do not consider this as multi-accounting.

You shall not interact with your characters in a way that it will create an advantage for one or more of your characters.

It is also not allowed to create a new character on a fusion world if you already have other characters that have been migrated to it.