Changelog for version 19.500 HF09

Bug Fixed

  • Expeditions: Player will no longer get stuck in expeditions due to certain circumstances.

Changelog for version 19.500 HF06

Bugs Fixed

Flying TV

  • Reward information pop-up when interacting with Flying TV will now only show up when lucky coins will be earned.
  • Skipping arena fights by watching ads will be functional again.

Changelog for version 19.500 HF04

Bugs Fixed

  • WebShop: You will not be able to use the old character ID anymore when your character was migrated to a Fusion game world.
  • Fusion: The error message when trying to login to a game world which is currently being fused will now state when the new Fusion game world is estimated to be available again.

Changelog for version 19.500 HF03

Bugs Fixed

  • Fusion: Under certain circumstances, messages that should have been kept according to the rules of a merger were deleted. This has now been fixed.

Changelog for version 19.500 HF02

Fixed Bugs

  • Characters can be created on game worlds PL1 - PL6 again.
  • The client will no longer crash when trying to create a character on a fused game world while being logged in to an S&F account.

Changelog for version 19.500 HF01

Fixed Bugs

  • The cookie consent banner is no longer displayed if consent has already been given.
  • Event tasks now trigger standard tasks if a requirement for certain event tasks is not fulfilled.

Changelog for version 19.5, December 13, 2023

New features

  • New Legendary Dungeon “Massive Winter Spectacle and Gingerbread Brawl”
    • New Legendary item set, new enemies, bosses, floors, voice-overs and sounds
    • For the first time additional effects that can be disabled in the options


  • Optimized the daily tasks and event tasks based on community feedback so the tasks are easier to complete
    • Getting ready for a guild fight (guild attack, defense or raid) → is a fixed part of the daily tasks now
    • The amount of gold needed to complete certain event tasks, is now decreased
    • Event tasks that are related to the shops were lowered
      • You only need to buy 5 instead of 20 hourglasses
      • You need to request new goods less frequently
    • The event task which takes place during the weekly event “Rank Climber” (Mon.-Thu.) was changed: “Gain 100 honor in the Hall of Fame for fights against heroes” was changed to “Win back to back fights in the Hall of Fame 10x”
  • Dungeons
    • Twister
      • Optimized the number of item drops
  • Demon Hunter
    • In guild fights, the hit points regenerated by the elixir are reduced again as expected with each death of the Demon Hunter instead of always regenerating 90%
    • The new elixir graphic is now displayed when reviving in a fight
  • Cancelations of payment transactions are now also displayed in an in-game message
  • Necromancer
    • Class-specific notes for items now include info for the Necromancer class
  • Timer in WebGL
    • Now displays the shortest timer in the tab within character selection if a character is on a quest or using the city guard

Fixed bugs

  • Assassin
    • In Hall of Fame fights the second critical hit now deals the correct damage
  • Legendary Dungeon
    • Gems of Fate should not have an effect in boss fights, which was fixed
  • Weekly tasks
    • The Hydra bonus is now only displayed in the tooltips of the first two daily reward packs and no longer incorrectly shown in the tooltips of the weekly event chests
  • Preregistration (WebGL and Steam)
    • The bottom link of the server start preregistration screen now redirects you as expected to character selection instead of character creation
  • Character selection
    • When deleting a local character the character portrait is now correctly positioned under the text again
    • The WebShop button was removed from character selection as it resulted in redirection issues

Mobile App

General Information

  • The minimum requirements of the Shakes & Fidget app was changed: the app now requires Android 7.1

New Features

  • Shops
    • You can request new goods in the shops for watching ads once a day → can be enabled in the options

Fixed bugs

  • Registration
    • Signing up for the S&F account via Apple ID now works on iOS without problems again

Community Portal

Fixed bugs

  • The game no longer crashes when buying a pack in the WebShop while the mushroom dealer is open in a different tab
  • The percentage bonus during a sale is now correctly displayed for each pack in the WebShop again