Changelog for version 19.0, November 8, 2023:

New features

  • New class: the Necromancer
    • Summon undead minions that will support you with their unique skills in battle
    • Including sounds and info screen
  • Hellevator plain “Violence”
    • Enemies, bosses, graphics and texts
    • All Hellevator plains are complete now
  • Deleting the S&F account and player data is now possible via the in-game options → deletion will be marked for 30 days (also for single characters that should be deleted from an S&F account) and executed automatically if you do not log in in the meantime
  • Twitch Drops
    • Drops can contain key cards for the Hellevator now


  • Daily tasks
    • Can be viewed via a second click on the mail button just like the old list
      • Mobile: golden goblin icon on the mail screen, bottom bar
    • The achievement “Special Agent” was adjusted so that you need to collect 200 daily reward packs instead of completing 100 secret missions of the day now → if the old achievement has already been started or was completed, the progress is taken over
    • Reworked the Goblin Gleeman graphics and optimized his location on the town screen
    • Improved animations when opening reward packs
    • When completing the task that requires arena manager attractions to be upgraded with money several times, single clicks no longer count exclusively → the multiplicator can be used to upgrade several attractions with one click and complete the task
  • Hellevator
    • You can buy a treat multiple times, and its durability can be increased to up to 24 floors
  • Guild
    • The secondary weapon slot displays a tooltip (for all classes that have an info screen) which points out that the info screen can be viewed with a click
  • Reworked the Mage class graphics
  • Sounds
    • As the Druid uses his Mage weapons like a Warrior, every Mage weapon was assigned more suitable sounds

Fixed bugs

  • Bard
    • When playing the harp, enemies can now block or evade a Bard’s critical attacks
  • Daily to-do list
    • The door icon of the Hydra task now correctly redirects you to the Hydra in the guild
  • Expeditions (EU7)
    • Hourglasses can now be used regularly in expeditions again, even if you have the exact number of hourglasses required in your inventory
  • Missing tooltips
    • The pets' armor tooltip is correctly displayed again
    • Ability tooltip of the Berserker and Battle Mage classes are correctly displayed again
  • Underworld
    • When using the Adventuromatic, lasting class effects now correctly reset after every defeated enemy
  • Wheel of Fortune
    • You can spin the wheel up to 20 times with mushrooms again, even if no Lucky Coins are available