Besides the WebShop, where you can buy mushrooms and special offers, the Community Portal provides you with useful information about Shakes & Fidget as well as about your own character, and global information such as rankings and certain statistics.


In this section you can find the following information:

  • the latest news about Shakes & Fidget
  • the latest posts on social media
  • the weekly gift
  • useful links about Shakes & Fidget


In the WebShop you can log in with your character ID and buy mushrooms and special offers for your character.

In addition, you can claim your weekly gift here.



Here you can find rankings of all game worlds and the global ranking as well as the guild ranking.

You can use filters to create a ranking for specific criteria. The following filters are currently available:

  • Game world
  • Classes
  • Attributes

You can also search for specific characters or ranks using the search function.


In this section, you can find numerous statistics for specific classes and worlds. If you select them, the global statistics will also show.


Here, you can see the distribution in percentage of classes and their attribute ratios, as well as their average class level.


You can view the following information about your own character or someone elses (by selecting them in the ranking list):

  • Class
  • Level
  • World
  • Rank
  • Honor

There will also be an overview of their attributes and its evolution according to their level and rank in the Hall of Fame of the past six months.


Here, you can find an overview of your own guild and others by selecting them in the ranking list.