Changelog for version 18.0, October 11, 2023:

New features


  • Expedition event
    • In addition to classic quests, the new expedition event (including tutorial) is available on world EU7 from October 11
    • A new NPC waits in the tavern with new regions, tasks, graphics and animations
  • Rework of the to-do list and the confidential secret mission of the day
    • The goblin gleeman is in front of the tavern on the town screen now and offers tasks and rewards for completing them every day
    • Special event tasks can be completed from Monday to Thursday and will reward you with an extra beer (among other things) at the bartender that can be bought on the same day
  • Implementation of the new demon hunter class icon
  • Arena Manager
    • The offers of the merchant are refreshed with the day change just like the shops now
    • If a boost has been purchased and the shop is closed till the day change, a new graphic is displayed
  • Mushroom dealer
    • Entering an alternative billing email address is possible with the S&F account in the browser now
  • Twitch Drops
    • Optimization of the drops
  • Fusions
    • After a world fusion, players will be renamed according to the following scheme: "old name_abbreviation of world"
  • Community Portal:
    • A weekly reward can be claimed in the WebShop once per character now
    • In-game news is displayed now


  • Login
    • Added login options for Google and Steam
    • Added Helpshift link
    • Added login link to save character reminder
  • New characters can be created with a big + button on the character selection screen
  • Upgraded mushroom dealer graphics
  • Timers are displayed in the format day.month in the Polish language version

Fixed bugs

  • General
    • The browser tab now displays the shortest timer for S&F account characters and local characters
    • The character selection icon now flashes consistently again, for example when the timer of another linked character has expired
    • Magic mirror shards are no longer displayed on the character profile screen before their activation animation
  • Tavern
    • NPCs now change their facial expressions again when you click on them multiple times
    • Gold from quests is correctly added again during the gold event
  • Dungeons
    • For some players the hit points of the demon’s portal were reset to 100% instead of being increased by 10% at the last turn of the year → the current portal enemy will correctly regenerate 10% hit points at the next turn of the year
    • After a dungeon fight received dungeon keys are directly redeemed to unlock the corresponding dungeon now, even if there is a levelup
  • Underworld
    • Adventuromatic correctly generates thirst at the turn of the year now
  • Guild
    • Hit points of demon’s portal correctly refreshes after the day change now
    • Animation of the giant mushroom catapult played back correctly again
  • Hellevator
    • Fixed an issue that a guild was displayed twice in the rankings
  • Mushroom dealer
    • Sale packs no longer incorrectly affect the display of base packs