Changelog for version 17.00 HF06, August 25, 2023

  • Android App: Settings for notifications will be permanent again and the app will no longer ask for notification permissions permanently.

Changelog for version 17.00 HF05, August, 23, 2023


  • “Always On” (play 30 days in a row) and “For Seven Days“ (play seven days in a row) will no longer reset at new year’s eve but will keep its progress.


  • The shadow world can be entered in the HD version of the game again without any issues.

Server Merge

  • The game world of characters which were part of a server merge will now be displayed correctly in the character selection.
  • In the world selection the correct icon for merged servers will now be displayed.

Changelog for version 17.00 HF04, August, 16, 2023

  • Twitch Drops: Drops containing gold will now have a cap of 600 million gold.

Changelog for version 17.00 HF03, August, 9, 2023

  • Twitch Drops
    • Drop "Fortification" will now pay out 3% of the fortress storage instead of 3% of the secret storage.
    • Drop "Smith" will now pay out the correct amount of resources: arcane splinters (lvl x2), metal (lvl x3).

Changelog for version 17.0 HF02, August 2, 2023

  • The Flying Tube: Lucky coins gained by usage of the flying tube will be credited instantly again and it is no longer necessary to perform another action (e.g. using the lucky wheel) to get those booked to the character.
  • S&F Account: Under certain circumstance the validation website displayed placeholders. This was fixed.

Changelog for version 17.0 HF01, July 25, 2023

  • HoF: The game will no longer crash if you mouse-over a class skill of a character in the hall of fame while your own character has a shield equipped.
  • Tavern: The curser will visually indicate clickable items again.
  • Character: The Character profile frame will always be displayed again after login.
  • Settings:
    • Set flag will be displayed permanently again.
    • Changing the character profile frame does no longer subtract a mushroom.

Changelog for version 17.0, July 19, 2023

New features


  • Legendary Dungeon “Diabolical Company Party”
    • New weapons with new effects and sounds, new items, new enemies, new intro
  • Hellevator plain “Limbo”
    • Enemies, bosses, graphics and texts
  • Twitch Drops
    • S&F Account can be connected with a Twitch account now
    • You can redeem a new frame, a new achievement and different resource packs for your characters by watching the official S&F Twitch stream and receiving Twitch Drops
      • Twitch Drops will be reset regularly, so they can be redeemed by characters again
    • The frames for characters can be enabled or disabled in the gameplay options
  • Fusion of worlds
    • Implementation of initial preparations for world fusions
  • Community button
    • Will be displayed from level 20, is used to log in the character to the Community Portal
      • Mobile app (portrait): community button is located at the bottom of the city screen
      • WebGL: community button can be clicked at the mushroom dealer
      • WebGL, Steam and mobile app (landscape): community button can be clicked under the menu


  • Optimized balancing of the upcoming Summer Collectifun event
    • Easier tasks
    • Higher gold rewards
  • Class icons
    • Berserker icon changed based on community survey
    • Decreased size of Battle Mage icon
  • Character ID can be hidden in game options with an eye button now
  • Changes to S&F Account
    • Clear separation between “character” and “account”
    • Login button is located within S&F tab of character selection now
    • S&F Account works on beta server now
  • Auto login behavior
    • WebGL: players remain logged in if auto login is ticked in character options and login data are not deleted when refreshing or closing the website
    • Steam and mobile app: auto login is automatic, login data are saved, and the auto login tick was removed
  • Optimized visibility of server starts
    • Countdown and redirection to character creation can be accessed with a button above character selection now
  • Buttons that lead to the S&F Community website and the WebShop are also located on the landing page now
  • Changes to Terms and Conditions

Fixed bugs

  • Maximum damage reduction of Demon Hunter’s armor is displayed as 50% again instead of 25%
  • The following pet requirements will be tied to the runtime of the Legendary Dungeon from next year:
    • Easter: Earth pet 15 (Forror)
    • Birthday: Water pet 17 (Cannoturtle)
  • Dungeon
    • Key requirements are correctly displayed now if already completed
  • Fortress
    • Resources gained from upgraded woodcutter’s hut and quarry are always correctly displayed now
  • Inbox
    • The latest guild or raid fight that hasn’t been watched yet and is not older than 24 hours is correctly displayed in the city now
    • Fight messages are correctly overwritten now
    • Fight messages have a glow effect after the fight icon again
  • Hall of Fame
    • The Hall of Fame for pets displays a player’s correct number of pets now
    • The ranks of characters and guilds with an underscore are correctly displayed again
  • S&F Account
    • A forced logout of the S&F Account no longer leads to duplicated guild chat messages
    • After creating an S&F Account via SSO, the option to add an email address is no longer displayed if an email address has already been added
  • Display bugs
    • Lucky Coins are instantly credited after watching the Flying Tube
    • Fixed item descriptions in the character screen
    • NPCs in the tavern change their facial expressions again when interacting with them several times in a row
  • When switching characters, the features selected last are reliably displayed again when clicking buttons that lead to a different feature when clicked again
  • After watching a guild fight in the city, you are correctly redirected to the guild instead of the inbox again
  • Empty slots in the inventory no longer trigger the wrong interactions of slots behind → concerns shops and the toilet
  • The deletion process of characters that are connected via SSO is successfully canceled after entering the code and closing the screen without logging in (e.g. via Facebook)



  • You can contact support in the game options via a QR code now
    • The button under the QR code redirects to Helpshift via the browser