The Expeditions

Meet the inquisitive explorer in the tavern for a new option to spend your thirst for adventure.

Journey through two dangerous regions to complete your individual task. Pick 1 encounter on each of 10 clearings to increase your heroism, and gain an XP bonus at the end. Some of the encounters do not reward you with heroism or even decrease it, but selecting them might be still worth it.

Expedition Selection

You can select one of two expeditions. Each of them has a task that will take you to two regions and costs you thirst for adventure. It is up to you whether you would like to do cheap or more expensive expeditions. The reward total will be the same.

Your mount increases your rewards and reduces your waiting time.

While being on an expedition, you can fight in the dungeons or in the arena. You can only do classic quests after returning to the tavern after your task.


Every task gives you the chance to collect extra heroism. If you don’t complete your task, it might be that you lose heroism at the end of the expedition. All tasks and their requirements can be found in this overview.


The main part of your expedition takes place on a total of 10 clearings. In general, every clearing has 3 encounters, and you need to select one of them to advance to the next clearing.

You always do 5 clearings in a row. You have to fight a local monster after the 5th and 10th clearing. Then your journey will end with a final score.


Every encounter has a heroism value that will be added by clicking the encounter. Every encounter is part of an encounter cycle.

If you select an encounter, you can meet the next one of the same cycle on the next clearings. Please note the limit per expedition. This determines how often you can do an encounter cycle before it is no longer offered to you on your journey. Some cycles remain at the final encounter after completing the cycle once and will no longer reward you with heroism or only reduce it.

Here you will find an encounter cycle overview with information about their dependencies and limits.


After leaving the 5th and 10th clearing, you will encounter one of the monsters in this region. You need to defeat this beast in battle. You will be rewarded with items most of the time.


Mid-Expedition Loot

After heroically defeating the first monster which will stand in your way after the 5th clearing, you will be offered up to 3 rewards, but you may only choose one of them and take it with you.

Final Rewards

For completing an expedition, you will receive 10 honor points.

In addition, you will receive experience points that scale with your character level and can be increased through certain bonuses. Depending on how much heroism you have collected during an expedition, you will receive additional XP.

Last but not least, as a final reward, you will receive gold. The gold reward also scales with your character level and can be increased through bonuses. Note that the gold reward is capped at a certain character level and then a maximum of 200 million gold can be distributed for the use of 100 thirst for adventure (with the best mount, the limit increases to 400 million gold).

During events, you receive additional loot accordingly.

Waiting Time

All the walking and fighting is exhausting. Therefore, you need to take a rest before you can leave for the next region. You can skip the waiting time with hourglasses.

Final Score

Your final score will be calculated after defeating the final monster and leaving the 10th clearing. Stars will show how well you have done on this expedition. The number of stars depends on the heroism you collected. The more stars you get, the higher your XP bonus.

< 20 points = 0 stars (no extra XP)
>= 20 points = 1 star (10% extra XP)
>= 30 points = 2 stars (20% extra XP)
>= 40 points = 3 stars (35% extra XP)