S&F Account Settings

You can change your e-mail used to login to your S&F account at any time. 

  1. Click on the gear wheel to open the options when being logged in to your S&F Account.
  2. Navigate to the "SF"-icon and click on "Change Email Address".
  3. Enter the new e-mail address in both input fields as well as your current S&F account password.
  4. Click "Change".
  5. An e-mail with a validation link will now be sent to your old e-mail address. Click the link to verify the e-mail change. Now another e-mail with another validation link will be sent to your new e-mail.
  6. Confirm the validation link which was sent to your new e-mail to activate it and to override your old e-mail.

Attention: In case you to not confirm both validation links within 24 hours your old e-mail address will stay on your S&F account and will not be changed!

Once you have finished the e-mail change process you will be logged out and you would need to login again using the new e-mail.