Content creators (e.g. active video producers, streamer and community builder) who match the following criteria are allowed to participate in the Creator-Support program*:

  • They must be at least 18 years old.
  • They must have at least the following KPIs and be active on one of the following platforms:
    • YouTube:
      • Min. channel age: 2 months
      • Followers: 500
      • Content performance: 1 published video per week with at least 500 views after 2 days
    • Twitch:
      • Followers: 1,000
      • Average Viewer: 50
      • Streams per month: 10
      • VOD must be activated
      • Twitch analytics of the last month must be submitted
  • The content creator agreement must be accepted.
  • The content creator rules must be followed.

*We reserve the right to make exceptions in special cases where a content creator may not fully meet these criteria but brings unique value or expertise to the program.

Who is not allowed to participate in the Creator-Support program?

Natural or legal persons who do not fulfill the above mentioned requirements are not allowed to participate in the Creator-Support program.

Creators who previously violated the content creator agreement and/or the content creator rules and who have been removed from the program are not allowed to apply again and won't be accepted for another cooperation.