Hotfix, April 13, 2023

  • Loading character data no longer has a delay in the mobile apps

  • Fight animation speed can be changed in the mobile apps again


Update to v15.200, April 11, 2023

New features

  • General
    • Rework of the Battle Mage class
      • New design
        • Replaced fireball with Arcane Comet
        • Adjusted class selection screen graphics and fight animations
        • Changed class icon of Battle Mage to fit new design; depicts Arcane Gauntlet and Arcane Comet now
      • Balancing
        • The Battle Mage used to attack with a fireball → has an Arcane Gauntlet now which unleashed an Arcane Comet at the start of a fight
          • The damage of the Arcane Comet depends on the Battle Mage’s hit points and the enemy’s class → the resulting damage is never higher than 33% of the enemy’s hit points
        • Armor factor increased from 100% to 500%
        • The Arcane Energy Flows strengthen all attributes by 11.11%
    • Rework of landing page
      • → new client used for future preregistration. Players need to import their characters there.
      • → new client without landing page. Players also need to import their characters there.
      • Server-specific URLs will be redirected to
    • Pinning and saving fights will be limited to 100 → the deletion of fights that exceed the limit will be officially announced in time
      • Up to 50 unpinned fights are automatically saved in inbox
    • Mushroom dealer
      • The buttons to redeem vouchers and earn mushrooms via offerwall were replaced by a banner
    • Global introduction of new Helpshift support system


  • Implementation of info screens → new design of previous info boxes
    • This info screen can be displayed by clicking the secondary weapon slot of the following classes:
      • Battle Mage → image of Arcane Comet
      • Druid → image of shapeshifting
      • Bard → image of harp
    • Hellevator → new “i” button
    • Legendary Dungeon → new “i” icon button
  • Rebalanced Druid
  • Twister previously unlocked at level 150 → unlocks at level 130 now
  • Unlocking the blacksmith no longer depends on pet nest, but on being level 90 only
  • Adjusted formula for Arcane Splinters to gain appropriate higher amounts in the future
  • Optimized UI of server selection screen
  • Game of dice will now always reset at around midnight when the event Lucky Day is running. Shortly after the beginning of the event the display may be corrupted for a short moment.

Fixed bugs

  • Druid
    • Shapeshifting works and is correctly displayed now
    • Fixed a bug with critical damage
  • Items from packs that require room in inventory are added later if inventory is full
  • Fixed a display bug of current Hydra bonus (daily mission)
  • Dungeons
    • The name of the mirror enemy in dungeon 9 (Light world) is correctly displayed (mirrored) now
    • Status icons of dungeons are correctly displayed now
    • Dungeon menu button stays active when switching dungeons
    • Clearing dungeons is correctly displayed in guild chat now
  • Pets
    • Hit points bar after pet fights no longer flickers
    • Light pet Tinck can be found without a guild
  • Changing the look of an item works now if you have the exact amount needed
  • Cooldown displayed on menu button of fortress works now
  • Fixed tooltip of luck potion in calendar
  • Fixed the price of the scrapbook in the magic shop
  • Spoiler protection in pet and guild fights: participants are no longer displayed as duplicates
  • Players can gain wood and stone before building the fortress now
  • Guild
    • Fixed guild invitations
    • Fixed guild fights of newly founded guilds
    • Hall of Knights points are correctly displayed now even if the guild has only one member
  • Assassins can freely swap weapons between slots
  • “Heavy Spinner” achievement correctly unlocks now
  • High-level players are matched against appropriate opponents in the underworld now


Hotfix 2, March 2, 2023:

  • When a specific special character was used it was possible to create a character with an "invisible" character name. This will no longer be possible.

Hotfix 1, February 22, 2023:

  • Berserkers can no longer evade Druids under certain circumstances

Update to v15.100, February 22, 2023

New features

  • General

    • Introduction of the new Helpshift support system for the Polish and French game versions (global migration is in the works)

  • Legendary Dungeon

    • Expansion of the dungeon “Fantastic Legendaries and Where to Find Them”

    • New trailer

    • New intro

    • New enemies and four new bosses with sound samples

    • New narrator texts with voice-overs

    • Three new Legendary items (gloves, armor, ring)

  • Hellevator

    • Added “Greed” plain

      • New enemies and backdrop

    • Reworked balancing:

      • Treats

      • Number of winnable key cards from fights

      • Number of maximum key card generation

  • Rework of the Druid and Bard classes → manual ability selection was removed and automated

    • Druid

      • Hit points factor, damage factor and maximum damage reduction depended on animal forms and are always in effect now

        • Hit points factor is 5 now

        • Damage factor is 1/3 now

        • Maximum damage reduction is 40% now

      • Armor value increased from 100% to 200%

      • Attacks against Bards and Mages no longer deal 50% but 100% damage

      • Reworked abilities

        • Tiger form was removed → Druid only transforms into bear or eagle form

      • Chance to evade applies to normal Druid form now

        • After evading an attack the Druid transforms into bear form and enters rage

          • Increased critical hit chance and critical damage

          • Bear form only lasts one round

          • Added a 10% bonus to critical hit chance in bear form

          • Critical damage in bear form was reduced from 200% to 180%

      • Chance of swoop in normal Druid form

        • The Druid transforms into eagle form and performs a swoop attack, then transforms back

          • Base chance of swoop in eagle form reduced from 50% to 25%

          • Base chance of swoop was reduced by 5% after every swoop → now this chance is increased by 5% after every swoop

          • Damage bonus of swoop reduced from 500% to 82.5%

          • Maximum chance of swoop is 50%

    • Bard

      • Maximum damage reduction increased from 25% to 50%

      • Armor value increased from 100% to 200%

      • Damage factor increased from 100% to 112.5%

      • Removed lute and flute abilities → The harp is the only remaining instrument the Bard plays

        • Harp increases weapon damage now, and critical hits can be blocked and evaded

  • Dungeon “Continuous Loop of Idols”

    • Added indiviual text to every enemy

  • Community Portal

    • WebShop is online now → Corresponding character ID is displayed in the options

  • Official Shakes & Fidget Content Creators will get a blue checkmark added to their profiles

  • Changing the appearance of your character is one mushroom instead of one gold now



  • General

    • Optimized performance

    • Optimized Hall of Fame

    • Optimized armor graphics in avatars

  • Rephrased “St. Nicholas” achievement to make clear equipped shoes need to be in inventory before December 6

  • Tower

    • Added bonus text that explains you get a permanent +1% gold bonus for quests for every cleared floor

  • Legendary Dungeon

    • Can be entered while a quest or the city guard is active

    • Ultimate

      • Added confirmation screen when selecting Ultimate Mode so you don’t enter it accidentally

      • Removed additional “Sell” button to items that can be donated to the witch

  • Dungeon

    • Overview

      • Light and Shadow world are adjacent now

    • Light and Shadow world

      • Preselection of a dungeon

        • After entering a dungeon for the first time after logging in, the open dungeon with the lowest number is suggested

        • If a different open dungeon is selected and you exit the dungeon, your selection is saved for the next time you enter the dungeon until closing the game or logging in with a different character

      • Added info graphics and animations

        • when all dungeons are locked and more keys need to be found first or a new key was found

        • when unlocking a dungeon with a key you found, the swords have an animation now


Fixed bugs

  • The Bard no longer ignores the armor of his enemies

  • Unlocking achievements is displayed more reliably now and can no longer be skipped

  • Fixed crashes when entering the arena and fortress

  • Fixed problems when loading the first ranks in the Hall of Fame

  • The book icon is correctly displayed after building the academy now

  • Swapping runes with the blacksmith works now if you have the required number of mushrooms

  • Fixed a bug when buying the starter pack during preregistration phase

  • Now you can find new dungeon keys in the gem mine although other keys have not been used yet

  • Fixed a visual hit points bug on end of fight screen

  • Fixed an issue related to the display of the hourglass icon when skipping an adventure

  • Fixed display of birthday set ring, both for HD and SD


Mobile App


  • General

    • Info popup for Druids and Bards is displayed after character creation now

    • App name is correctly displayed again

  • Legendary Dungeon Ultimate

    • One of three items is centered when using a swipe gesture now

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed problems when selecting the dungeon screen



New features

  • Added Steam Trading Cards → collect and trade them to unlock the following rewards in the Steam version

    • Three profile backgrounds

    • Five badges and a foil badge

    • Eight emoticons


Fixed bugs

  • Fixed a bug when trying to buy mushrooms from Korea


Update to v15.000.230109.3, world v1988, January 12, 2023


  • If you find a key and open the dungeon menu, the dungeon where the key can be redeemed will be centred automatically.
  • Light and Shadow world will now be next to each other and the first dungeons to be seen, except you did not yet fight in the Demon's Portal. As long as no fight happened in the Demon's Portal, it will be displayed in front of all others. Once the fight was done it will be sorted at the end of all open dungeons.
  • Upcoming dungeon opponents will no longer be fully displayed and spoiled, but only their silhouette will be visible.
  • Twister: The "Enter" key will now work with all buttons to make multiple fights in a row more comfortable. 

Update to same version, December 16, 2022

Fixed bugs

  • Underworld: the gold pit generates the correct amount of gold now
  • Witch: donating upgraded items to the witch now gives the correct amount of resources
  • Legendary Dungeon: looting a chest in Ultimate mode now correctly counts as three chests (therefore, the chance of dust in chests in normal and Ultimate mode is the same)

Update to v15.000.221214.4, December 15, 2022

Fixed bugs

  • Shops: shop reroll delay will work again when epic items or hourglasses are being offered
  • Pets: counter for pet habitat fights correctly displays no mushroom cost for free fights
  • Underworld: fixed a bug that the gold pit displayed more gold than the possible max. amount
  • Mushroom dealer: 
    • Mobile apps: fixed a bug that some packs could not be purchased in landscape mode
    • fixed a bug that a wrong amount of mushrooms was booked when purchasing a mushroom pack


CHANGELOG 15.0, December 13, 2022

New features

  • Legendary Dungeon
    • New "Lord of the Things" iteration
    • New enemies
    • Four new bosses and voice-overs
    • Three new Legendary items (helmet, ring, lucky charm)
  • Optional new Legendary Dungeon mode: Legendary Dungeon Ultimate
  • Increased level cap from 700 to 800



  • General
    • Resources from quests and the Legendary Dungeon are directly credited now instead of being stored in the inventory
    • Optimized performance
    • Epic Quest Extravaganza
      • Guaranteed first epic for completing the second quest after drinking the first beer
      • Guaranteed second epic for completing the second quest after drinking the tenth beer
  •  Underworld
    • Increased capacity of gold pit
  • Completed pet requirements for the following languages
    •  Slovakian
    • Corrected requirements of water pet 19 in Polish translation
  • User interface improvements
    • Legendary Dungeon
      • Reminder if not all items have been claimed yet
    • Pets
      • Highlight of the selected fruit
      • Highlight when hovering over a pet with the cursor
    • Fortress
      • Gem mine and Hall of Knights: improved text allocation of info screens
    • Underworld
      • Adjusted positions of progress bars
    • Missing rescource costs have a red text now, and the confirmation buttons are grayed out


Fixed bugs

  • Payment
    • Potion of Eternal Life always has a sales value except when gained via vouchers
  • Guild
    • Fixed display of guild members
    • Hall of Fame now correctly displayed after leaving guild
    • Joining guild no longer causes long loading times
  • Dungeons
    • Double attack of Samowar the Pale (Light Dungeon, Ash Mountain) correctly works now
    • Dungeon description in portrait mode always completely displayed now
    • Fixed unlock requirements and descriptions in Italian and Hungarian
    • Fight against Doppelganger (Pyramid of Madness) correctly displayed and fight log saved in inbox now
  • Underworld
    • Fixed "lure hero" function for highest ranked-player in Hall of Fame
  • Pets
    •  Pets and habitats correctly unlock now
  • Events
    • Price for Quicksand Hourglass correctly displayed now
  •  Login
    • Fixed display of duplicate accounts
  • Mail
    • Ignoring a player via friend list works now


Mobile app


  •  Flying Tube
    • Fixed "skip quest" button
  • Hall of Fame
    • Attributes are correctly displayed on portrait mode now
  • Arena
    • Tooltip of enemy now correctly disappears
  • Arena Manager
    • Shortened scroll bar for better clarity