In the browser and Steam versions you can play Shakes & Fidget not only with the mouse (the left button clicks, while the right button opens a context menu for certain items and options), but there are also keyboard shortcuts available you can navigate certain menus with or perform certain actions more quickly.

The shortcuts are as follows:

KeyFunctionFunction 2 (press key twice)Function 3 (press key three times)Function 4 (press key four times)Function 5 (press key five times)Function 6 (press key six times)Function 7 (press key seven times)
AArenaArena Manager     
BFight reportsDaily / Event Tasks     
DDungeon overview      
HHall of Fame for heroesGuild Hall of FameFortress Hall of FamePet Hall of FameUnderworld Hall of FameInternational Hall of Fame for heroesInternational Guild Hall of fame
IMailDaily / Event Tasks     
LFriends & ignored playersDaily / Event TasksFight reports    
MMagic shopWitch     
PMailDaily / Event Tasks     
RWheel of FortuneDaily Login Bonus Calendar     
TTavernToiletCity Guard (only when on patrol)    
WWeapon shopBlacksmith     
Xcloses current window      
ZCity guard      
Esccloses current windowcollabs chat (when expanded)     
SpaceExpand chat      
EnterAccepting the upper expedition task      
Accepting the upper expedition task      
Accepting the lower expedition task      
Skip to the left when selecting a reward in the loot find during expeditions      
Skip to the left when selecting a reward in the loot find during expeditions      

After clicking a player in the Hall of Fame for heroes, you can control options for this player via the keyboard's numeric pad:

1Add/remove player to/from friend list
2Invite player to guild (permission required)
3Lure player into underworld/kick player from guild (permission required)
4Toggle character description and display of attributes
5Show/hide compare feature with own character
6Ignore player
7Show/hide options; Guild Hall of Fame: show list of members
8Send message to this player
9Attack player (similar to arena fight)