Once a new hero has been created, it can be played immediately without having to provide an email address or entering a password. Only from level 10 you will be asked to validate your account.

If you would like to validate your account earlier, you can do so.


A red exclamation mark reminds you both in account management and in the game that you have not secured your account yet.

To validate an account, click the bottom-left gear icon or the red exclamation mark next to your avatar, then enter your email address and a password (or use a connection to a third-party service such as Facebook) and select "Save Character."

Hint: We recommend validating the account with email address and password so that you can play on all platforms.

If you have chosen to validate your account with  email and password, an email will be sent to the specified email address to complete the validation process. Adding the email addresses noreply@mailings.playa-games.com and mail@playagames-news.de to your email account's whitelist. This guarantees that our emails are classified as trustworthy and delivered securely. A Google search will usually find instructions on how to whitelist an email address for each provider.

Important hint: If an account was created on other platforms (Steam, Android, iOS), the account can only be played there if the account has been validated via the respective service (e.g. Apple Game Center, Google Play or Steam).