Every day, the blacksmith can dismantle up to five items into metal and arcane splinters.

If an item is dismantled, it is irretrievably destroyed! However, you get back a proportion of the resources used if this item was previously upgraded by the blacksmith. This does not apply to e.g. weapons that have been in the toilet as they lose their sales value there.

There exists 5 dismantling points total to spend per day. Meaning you can only dismantle 5 items maximum per day. Except for scout and mage weapons, that are two-handed weapons and use 2 points to dismantle. They also give you twice the amount of resources back.

During the event Forge Frenzy Festival you will have 15 dismantling points.

To dismantle an item, drag it onto the appropriate area at the blacksmith or use the context menu by tapping the item to be dismantled. The item you want to dismantle must be in the backpack.

Dismantling Items

The basis of this function is that you get resources back from the base item. If you upgraded or thrown the item into the toilet, you get most of the resources back, but not everything.

Dismantling Items

Dismantling Items Without Gold Price Tag

Weapon without gold price

A weapon without the gold price tag that has been thrown into the toilet, will only give you the resources back for the base item, but not the ones used to upgrade it. There is a message displayed before throwing it into the toilet, warning that the resources from the upgrades will not be given back upon dismantling.

Weapons lose their gold price tags when either having been thrown into the toilet or have been received from the tower, or shadow dungeons. There is also one specific room in legendary dungeon that gives out flushed epic items that do not have selling price by default.

In this case, you will still have the possibility to upgrade the weapon, but will not receive the resources back used for it.

A warning message will also pop up informing about this when trying to upgrade it.

The warning will also pop up if you throw an upgraded weapon into toilet.

When removing a gem from an armor piece or from a weapon, the amount of resources you are getting back follows the same ruleset as mentioned above when dismantling.