CHANGELOG 13.0, June 21, 2022
New features
  • Legendary Dungeon:
    • New version of the dungeon "Shady Birthday Bash"
    • Three new legendary items were added
    • New graphics and a new special room
  • Registration: New design of the class selector

  • General: Improved the performance of the game worlds running on a new backend
  • Classes: Demon Hunter rebalanced after public testing on the beta server

Fixed bugs
  • Character:
    • The achievement "Collecting Mania" now correctly unlocks at 90% level, no longer at ~88%
    • The achievement "Twister Tamer" did not unlock correctly after completion, but only after defeating another
      dungeon enemy (new backend)
  • Tavern:
    • Defeating the Hydra visually changed/increased the "incl. x% Hydra Bonus" text in the "Conf. secret mission of the day"
    • Fixed the displayed bonus of the Countless-headed Hydra (level 20) in the "Conf. secret mission of the day".
  • Fortress: A full inventory could mean that a mined gem was not credited
  • Underworld: Corrected the display of the "gold value per hour" in the gold mine from level 15 on
  • Mobile apps:
    • Character: The Alter Ego did not work for druid classes in the mobile game versions
    • Tavern: Skipping a quest by watching a video could crash the app
CHANGELOG 13.1, July 26, 2022
New features
  • Bard is added as a new class (times when it will be available will be accounced later)
  • Added Hellevator "Fraud"

  • Hellevator
    • Beelzebub's Emporium: treats are reworked in terms of prices and effects
    • Reward systems are reworked for guilds and players
    • Text is fixed for treats when not carrying a weapon
  • Mushroom Dealer: functions, layout and displays completely revised
  • Tavern: the "Hourglass quest skip" button will now disable itself a few seconds before the quest time expires

Fixed Bugs
  • General: Some game worlds could not be accessed from
  • To-Do List: The list can now also be scrolled when the mouse pointer is between two entries
  • Scrapbook: achievement "Twister Tamer" sporadically only unlocked after defeating another shadow dungeon opponent
  • Character:
    • Fixed the item in the "second weapon hand" slot which initially loaded as a white square
    • Fixed the the inventory slot error that was not usable (new login now fixes the problem automatically)
  • Mushroom Dealer: [iOS App] the "Offers" button could only be clicked once when opening the Mushroom Dealer
  • Tavern:
    • Fixed the animation in the adventurous bar could be doubled by a trick
    • Fixed the error, where a quest could not be completed directly or the tavern could not be accessed correctly
  • Fortress - Counterattacks were repeatable with a trick
  • Guild:
    • Fixed miscalculation of Special Mission bonuses on Hydra 20
    • Popup notifying about a completed guild battle now appears correctly
  • Shadow Dungeon: some keys could be found by high level players before unlocking "The Tower"
  • Login calendar: sporadically, the wrong number of fruits was displayed in the calendar