The tavern, the first menu item in the navigation bar, is the place
where you can select and accept a quest. The quest givers are next to the counter.

You always get three quests to choose from which offer you different gold rewards, XP (experience points) and occasionally an item, but only if you successfully complete the quest, of course. Each quest consumes a certain amount of Thirst for Adventure. You can see how much thirst is left by looking at the displayed meter in the tavern.

After starting a quest, the Thirst for Adventure runs automatically. A timer informs you how long you are still on the quest.

If you move the mouse pointer over the quest name, the quest task can be read again.


After consuming your entire Thirst for Adventure, you have two options to refill it:

  • You can interact with the bartender, spend a mushroom on a beer and get 20 minutes of new Thirst for Adventure.
  • At midnight, your Thirst for Adventure is refilled to 100, and the beer counter is reset.

Quest durations are shorter at the start of the game, and you can find more items.

For each successfully completed quest, you will receive ten honor points for the Hall of Fame.

More functions of the tavern:

Via the tavern further game features can be accessed: