In the tavern, you will find the taproom (compass icon), the city guard (axes icon), the cup player (dice cup icon) and the toilet of the arcane gods (toilet paper icon). The tavern can either be accessed via the respective building in the city or via the menu.

Tavern and City Guard

If you click the tavern menu it will fold out and present the buttons to enter the respective features mentioned above.

Tavern Menu


The taproom is the place where you can select and accept expeditions. The expedition givers are next to the counter.

You always get two expeditions to choose from. During an expedition you will gain different gold rewards, XP (experience points), honor (for the Hall of Fame) and occasionally items. Each expedition consumes a certain amount of Thirst for Adventure. You can see how much thirst is left by looking at the displayed meter in the tavern.

In the middle and at the end of an expedition thirst will run automatically. A timer informs you how long you are still on the expedition.

If you would like to do quests instead of expeditions you can activate those to be displayed in the tavern in the settings.


After consuming your entire thirst for adventure, you have two options to refill it:

  • You can interact with the bartender, spend a mushroom on a beer and get 20 minutes of new Thirst for Adventure.
  • At midnight, your Thirst for Adventure is refilled to 100, and the beer counter is reset.

City Guard

You can earn some gold by working for the city guard.

The head of the city guard which you can see on the first floor of the taproom is always looking for new heroes to watch over the city. This is an honorable profession that even lets you determine your working hours between one and ten hours.

City guard

The higher your level, the more you earn. The actual salary of the city guard is always calculated when you collect it. The previously displayed value is calculated according to the criteria available at the start such as level and other bonuses.

You can stop working for the city guard at any time. However, if you do so, you will lose your salary.

You can also access the city guard from the tavern menu (axes icon) or from the watchtower in the city.

Cup Player

You find the cup player in the left back of the taproom. or access the cup player from the tavern menu (dice cup icon) or from the tavern building in the city.


You can bet gold and mushrooms. The cup player hides a ball under one of the cups and shuffles them.

Now you have to guess under which cup the ball is. If you guess correctly, you'll win your stake twice. If you guess wrong, you'll lose your bet. While the cup player is displayed, you can enter /gold bet <amount> or /mushroom bet <amount> in guild chat to place bets. If you bet but leave the tavern, the game will automatically select one of the three cups for you.

The chance to win is 1/3.

Game of Dice

After unlocking pets and the tower, you have the option to play a dice game as an alternative to the thimblerig game. By clicking the button with the red ball/die you can toggle the games.

You get five dice and have two tries per round. The goal is to roll three or more of the same symbols. In order to save dice for the second roll, you have to click/tap them. The more identical symbols are displayed after the second roll, the higher the prize.

The prize must be actively collected. If you fail to collect it and roll the dice again, the prize is lost.

You can play up to ten dice games per day. After every completed dice game you have to wait 60 minutes. The waiting time can be skipped with an hourglass.

Gambler, game of dice

Arkane Toilette

If you click the top-right toilet door in the taproom (after finding the toilet key on an expedition or quest, which is possible from level 100), you can go to the toilet. Alternatively, you can click on toilet paper icon in the tavern menu.


You can throw items from the inventory in the toilet. As a reward you get an item for a different class back. Class-specific items (armor and weapons) are generated for a different character class. Such items are for your companions.

The first item of a day also adds mana points. If the toilet bowl is lit, you have already received mana.

After collecting enough mana (indicated by the fill level above the toilet bowl), you can flush the toilet. The Gods grant you a special aura in return which impresses merchants, and they will offer you better items as you would normally get.

All items you receive from the toilet no longer give you gold in the shops or from the witch! Weapons also lose their resources if they were improved by the blacksmith.

If mana in the toilet tank exceeds the limit, the surplus is lost.

After reaching aura level 18, flushing the toilet will reward you with an epic and the required maximum of 1,000 mana per level is reached!

Maximum Aura Level

Aura is capped at 66. You can continue using the toilet.

Mana Values

Epic items are regarded as more precious by the gods. Therefore, they fill the toilet tank more quickly.

Epic item50
Regular item25

Important: gems, potions and pet food are not morphed and disappear after being sacrificed.

The Flying Tube

In the taproom and in the quarter at Dr. Abawuwu you can find the flying tube.

Flying Tube

There you can (if available) watch ads and gain lucky coins for the wheel of fortune.

To be able to use the flying tube, you need to agree to the privacy policy first. If you change your mind later, you can disable the tube in the options at any time.

In the mobile version of the game, you are also occasionally offered an ad to:

  • skip the travel time of a quest (available from level 16)
  • skip wait time between arena fights (limited to 50 skips per 24 hours)
  • Request new goods in the weapon and magic shop (once per day per shop)

Attention! There is no flying tube available in the Steam version as no ads are allowed in games played on Steam.