There are different methods to optain mushrooms.

Buy mushrooms at the Mushroom Dealer

Mushrooms can be bought from the mushroom dealer. Use the "+" icon next to the character's avatar to get to the mushroom dealer, or click on the mushroom dealer icon beneath the navigation bar to open the WebShop.

The mushroom dealer will have a special offer and mushroom packs to sell.

Sometimes discounts will be offered which grant a bonus on mushroom purchases.

After successfully purchasing payment packs you will receive a message in your inbox. Open the message to claim your bought items.

Offers to get free mushrooms

Scroll down at the mushroom dealer to find a button called "Offers".

Different options to get free mushrooms will be offered, e.g. for the completion of surveys or by playing a game. In case of problems please get in touch with the game support.

Get free mushrooms from coupon codes

From time to time, coupon codes are being given out through social media, in newsletters, or during Twitch stream sessions. Those codes may contain free mushrooms or other valuable items.

After successfully redeeming a coupon code you will receive a message in your inbox. Open the message to claim your reward.

Get mushrooms while playing

There are several game features from which mushrooms can be obtained:

  • Mushrooms can be found by doing quests in the tavern. There is no information when accepting a quest if you will find a mushroom or not but a slight chance to find a mushroom exists. The first quest of a day guarantees you a mushroom drop.
    Without a mount the chance to find a mushrooms is 8%, with a Griffin it is only 5%, meaning, the faster you travel, the less likely you stumble upon a mushroom.
  • Win against the gambler in the tavern to win mushrooms.
    Note: you can only play for mushrooms if you already bought mushrooms from the mushroom dealer.
  • At Dr. Abawuwu's wheel of fortune, mushrooms can be won and mushrooms can be a reward from the daily login calendar.