Each player is allowed to play one character / S&F account per server only.

Playing more than one can lead to a permanent ban of all characters involved that are on the same server. You are allowed to create characters on different servers though. 

Please also note that sharing an S&F account with another player is also prohibited.


A character or S&F account must not be shared with other players. Different players using one character or S&F account alternately - is also not allowed.

IP Sharing

IP sharing is allowed in general but you need to follow some rules.

The rule is: one character / S&F account per user!

If you and some family members use the same device (and have the same IP), you can all play the game as long as you only have one character / S&F account per person. You will also need to notify our support via ticket so we can make a note to avoid confusion.

Characters with a shared IP address must not attack each other or attack other accounts together to gain benefits (more than two attacks with each player within 30 minutes).

It is also necessary to inform us via the support, so we can avoid permanent suspensions. Infringement of these rules can lead to a ban or account deletion.


Account-sitting (playing a second, already existing account temporarily) is only allowed if it ranges from 24 hours up to 21 days. Within this period of time, only the account-sitter (the account holder's substitute) is allowed to log in to the sitted account.

The sitting ends as soon as the account holder logs in to his or her character / S&F account again. Multiple swapping of the active player between account holder and sitter is regarded as account-sharing and will be punished.

Important: you are only allowed to temporarily sit one (!) character / S&F account per game world.

It is also necessary to inform us via the support, so we can avoid permanent suspensions.

Any infringement is treated as account-sharing. A character or an S&F account is sitted at the character / S&F account holder's risk. The game operator is not liable for changes, loss or the deletion of the account.


  • Account-sharing: not allowed
  • IP sharing: allowed under certain circumstances
  • Account-sitting: allowed under certain circumstances