Under certain circumstances it may happen that the validation email has not been delivered. For this case there is the following checklist:

  1. Has the game world you signed up for been launched recently?
    Then we ask for a little patience as the email server is subject to a certain load at this time and emails might be delayed.
  2. Your character has been created while being logged in to an S&F Account or was linked to it? In this case it will be validated automatically, no validation email will be sent.
  3. Has the S&F account been created with Apple Gamecenter/Google Play/Steam?
    Validating the account is not necessary as it is automatically connected with the respective service (without email address).
  4. Has the email address used been removed from our email list??
    If you clicked the link in one of our newsletters to be removed from the list, we are no longer allowed to send emails to your address and validating it is no longer possible. Adding the email address again is only possible in writing. Alternatively, another e-mail address needs to be used.
  5. Check your spam folder!
    From experience, web.de and Googlemail for example like to sort our emails into the spam folder. Therefore, please check the spam folder of your email account.
    You should also whitelist the email addresses noreply@mailings.playa-games.com and mail@playagames-news.de in your email account. This guarantees that our emails are classified as trustworthy and delivered securely. A Google search will usually find instructions on how to whitelist an email address for each provider.
  6. The email address used has already been used for another game world and is already validated there?
    Then the new account is validated automatically. There should not be a red exclamation mark next to your avatar.
    ATTENTION! Does not apply if 3. is the case.
  7. Has the email address been entered correctly?
    It can happen that in the heat of the moment a mistake is made when entering the email address. If you do not receive a validation email and none of the above points apply, it is recommended to check whether the specified email address is correct.
    If the email address was entered incorrectly, you can correct the email address in the options (bottom-left gear icon) and restart the validation process.
  8. None of the points 1-6 apply, and the validation email was not delivered within 4 hours?
    In this case please contact our support to validate your account manually.