You can only participate in the Egg Hunt after unlocking pets.

Egg Hunt takes place at Easter. For a specific period of time, you get some tasks from the Goblin Gleeman in the city which you need to complete during the event. A countdown is being displayed so that you know how much time is left to collect event points.

Egg Hunt


Egghunt Reward

You'll get one point for every task. The goal is to collect a mininum of five points at the end of the event to gain a rare pet (you need to unlock it in the habitat first). If you already collected all unlocked rare pets you'll get a fruit basket with 10 fruits of each type.

On the way to the goal there are two intermediate goals: a common pet (needs to be unlocked in the habitat) and five fruits of each type for two points . If you already collected all unlocked common pets you'll get a fruit basket with 5 fruits of each type. For four points collected you also get a fruit basket as a reward (five fruits of each type) and the option to drink an additional beer in the tavern.

In total, more than the five points needed for the final reward can be collected, so you do not have to complete all tasks.