From character level 10 you can buy the Scrapbook of Meticulousness in the magic shop. After the purchase it will be instantly available.

The scrapbook contains achievements and stickers of enemies and items.

Point your mouse on the scrapbook to display your fill level.


Sticker album

In the sticker album section you can see your collected items and defeated monsters. There are more than 2,000 stickers to collect.

All defeated quest, dungeon, tower, raid and portal opponents count as well as purchased and found items or by actively attacked and then defeated team mates. The higher the scrapbook's completion, the higher the XP bonus for tavern quests.

Twister enemies do not count.

Legendary items

Legendary items are stored in a special section such as "Trick or trap".

Legendaries are very strong items. You only get the stickers after looting them in a Legendary dungeon. They do not count towards the completion level of the scrapbook.

Holy Grail

Heiliger Gral

After reaching level 85 and collecting 1,000 stickers, you can find the Holy Grail in the gem mine of the fortress. Once mined it will be activated automatically.

The grail adds a wobble effect to items of in the Hall of Fame that are missing in your scrapbook.

Legendary items never wobble as they cannot be obtained in arena fights.