Your character gets better with different game features.

Here is a list of all features that reward you with gold, XP or better attributes:

  • Arena Manager: more runes give you better rune bonuses on items
  • Arcane Toilet: better items in the weapon and magic shop
  • Fortress:
  • Guild
  • Witch: Spell scrolls give you different bonuses, e.g. more XP for quests
  • The Tower: +1% more gold per floor
  • Pets: +1% bonus on the respective attribute for every pet you find; additional bonus for the following pet levels:  100 = +0,5%, 150 = +0,75%, 200 = +1%
  • Mounts: reduce quest durations and change the chance to find a mushroom. Slow mounts have a higher chance to spot mushrooms at the path's edge.
  • Library (Scrapbook): more XP for quests
  • Potions:  Potions increase certain attributes depending on the type
  • Light World:
  • Underworld: