If you click on your character image in the top left navigation bar, you can see your character in detail.


On the left side your currently equipped items, the avatar, name, your guild, level and class are displayed.

Clicking the avatar lets you change your look for 1 mushroom.

The character overview grants you access to the same function like in the weapon and magic shop (once unlocked). Right-clicking an item displays the context menu with more options.


After unlocking the tower in Light World you can click the arrows next to your avatar to display your companions and view and equip them.


You find your attributes beneath your currently equipped items. Click the "+" icon to upgrade an attribute. Upgrades cost more and more gold up to a maximum of 10 million gold for an attribute point. The browser and Steam versions let you click and hold the mouse button to increase an attribute quickly.

Move your mouse over an attribute to display further information on attributes and what is important for your class including your armor. The armor value is based on your level and will increase or decrease depending on your opponent's level.

Further information

At the bottom, medals with further information are displayed. The first medal shows your rank in the Hall of Fame followed by scrapbook values and your progress of achievements, your mount, the number of quicksand hourglasses you own and your active potions.


On the right side your backpack is displayed, ranging from five to 20 slots, depending on treasury upgrades in the fortress. You can gain 30 additional slots in the inventory chest.

You can equip and unequip items by using a drag and drop gesture or via the right-click context menu.

Under your inventory there is a text field for your public character description that other players can see in the Hall of Fame.



You can find the mannequin in the weapon shop after collecting 1,000 runes in the arena manager. When found it will be activated instantly and you can get to it via the arrows on the avatar.

You can use the mannequin to swap items quickly.

For example, if you have equipped the mannequin with items and runes that are strong against a certain element, you can change the equipment before fighting a certain dungeon opponent using the button in the upper left corner of the character screen. The equipment will be swapped with the mannequin. Click it again to restore the default equipment.

Gold frame

Gold frame

The gold frame that some players have can be bought for 1,000 mushrooms. If you have the required amount, you can find the merchant in the city.

Apart from looking cool, the gold frame does not have any advantage. If you bought it and don't want to use it anymore, you can disable it in the game options.