Apart from gold mushrooms are a sought-after currency. Have you run out of mushrooms? Don't worry! You can order mushrooms from the mushroom dealer by clicking the top-left  "+" icon in the navigation bar, or click on the mushroom dealer icon beneath the navigation bar to open the WebShop.

Depending on your payment option, processing times until you receive your mushrooms may vary. Once your purchase was processed you will find a message in your inbox to claim your bought items. If you haven't received instant orders (Paypal, phone, SMS, iTunes, Google Pay etc) after 3-4 hours, please contact our support. Sending your transaction code and invoice number is recommended so we can find your payment as soon as possible and take care of the problem.

Orders via SMS are special: If no SMS with TAN number is sent or the order window is closed without entering the received TAN, the TAN will expire after about 48 hours, and the amount of money is automatically refunded.

Mushrooms cannot be transferred to another account.

Mushroom Packs

Mushroom packs

There are special mushroom packs that can be bought from the mushroom dealer once. The packs are based on the level and game progress of a character. The available mushroom pack is displayed at the very top of the mushroom dealer.

The requirements are as follows:

NameCharacter LevelRequirementContent
Starter PackLevels 1-20 (incl.)none150 mushrooms, 1,000 gold, Potion of Eternal Life, 4 weeks best mount
Fortress Packup to level 100 (incl.)Fortress min. level 1300 mushrooms, 100,000 wood, 50,000 stone, XP for 1 level
Pro PackLevel 120+Arena Manager, tower, underworld and pets unlocked750 mushrooms, 1,000 hourglasses, 100,000 souls, 50,000 arcane splinters
Pro+ PackLevel 150+Pro Pack must have been purchased1,500 mushrooms, 1,500 hourglasses, 150,000 souls, 75,000 arcane splinters
Pro Pro PackLevel 200+Pro+ Pack must have been purchased3,250 mushrooms, 2,500 hourglasses, 200,000 souls, 100,000 arcane splinters
Pro++ PackLevel 250+Pro Pro Pack must have been purchased1,500 mushrooms, 1,500 hourglasses, 100,000 arcane splinters, 500 Lucky Coins
Triple Pro PackLevel 300+Pro++ Pack must have been purchased3,350 mushrooms, 2,500 hourglasses, 150,000 arcane splinters, 1,000 Lucky Coins

Black Market

The black market is a section at the mushroom dealer and offers items against ingame currencies, e.g. lucky coins or mushrooms.

Each offer can be purchased once only within a seven day period. If a pack was bought it will be marked as sold out. After the seven day period ended the offers will be reset. After a reset the offers can either be purchased again, or different offers will be generated.

Black Market


Every once in a while there are sales at the mushroom dealer that give you +20% more mushrooms for orders. During seasonal sales the bonus on mushrooms can be higher.

Coupons & Offers


Coupon codes which you can get raffles (e.g. during the Twitch stream) or other promotions can be redeemed here to unlock certain goodies such as mushrooms, gold, Lucky Coins etc. one time only.

Coupon codes are valid for a limited time and may be subject to other conditions such as character level, character age, or a specific game world.

Claiming Payment and Coupon Content

After successfully purchasing payment packs or redeeming a coupon code you will receive a message in your inbox. Open the message to claim your items or reward.

Earn Mushrooms

Via the "Earn Mushrooms" button you are taken to surveys and the like you can take to gain free mushrooms.

Such offers are excluded from +20% sales.