You can spin Dr. Abawuwu's wheel of fortune up to 20 times a day.

The first try is always free. Each additional time costs either a mushroom or 10 Lucky Coins you can gain by watching ads with the Flying Tube or as a reward for certain events. The Flying Tube only appears if it is not disabled in the options. The Steam version does not support ads.

Since the amount of XP, gold and items that can be gained depends on the character level, you should only spin the wheel at the end of the day. In addition, Dr. Abawuwu grants a bonus to XP and gold during XP and gold events.

The Wheel of Fortune comes in two variants.

Wheel of Fortune 1

Up to character level 124, you can randomly win XP, gold, wood, stone, items and mushrooms. Stone and wood are available in different amounts. With a little luck, you can even win an epic item.

Wheel of fortune 1

Wheel of fortune 2

After reaching character level 125 and unlocking pets, underworld and blacksmith you get the chance to find the second version of the wheel of fortune on a quest, but only if the quest does not rewards you with an item.

The spots for small amounts of wood, stone and gold of wheel of fortune 1 are replaced by fruits, souls and arcane splinters.

After the wheel of fortune was upgraded, resetting the wheel to version 1 is not possible.

Wheel of fortune 2