In your mail you can read messages and send messages to other players from character level 10. Guild news, fight results and general messages also end up in the inbox.

Message Limit

Character LevelDaily Limit for Message Sending


The inbox can hold up to 100 messages. When it is full, only general messages from Playa Games can be received. Other players will not be able to write you again until messages are deleted and there is space in the inbox again.

New messages appear in the message list in white, whereas read messages are dark yellow.


News from Playa Games will be automatically deleted after a few days.

Friends List

If you have added other players as friends or ignored them, you will find them in the list here. Ignored players can no longer write messages to you.

Fight Messages

Fight messages are only created if there was something to win or lose in the fight.

Up to 50 fight messages are stored. When a new fight message is delivered, the oldest fight message is automatically deleted.

Fight messages are automatically deleted after 14 days. You can save up to 100 fight messages from deletion by pinning the message. Pinned fight messages are displayed at the top of the inbox.

Guild Messages

If you want to share something with your entire guild, you can do so by clicking the guild icon on the right when writing a message.

Guild message